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Cathater Pass Needed

Frank Lamb

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Hi Rochelle,I need to request a hall pass for a couple days.Have had cathater in since June 06th.

They wanted to do an open surgey on the front of the prostate but after all the drs. meeting decided I am not a candidate for any open surgery or general anestetic.

So tomorrow morning I will be getting a turp procedure.(roto-rooter type resection).I will probably be kept in hospital overnight.

Hopefully in a couple days I will be home and able to pis_ over a fence again. 8) .

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Did you offer NOT using their anesthesia and just putting a twelve of BudLite on your insurance bill??

Here's to pissin' over fences, as long as they aren't mine! I'd join you, but in order to pis_ over it, I'd have to stand on it and I just can't balance all that well lately... :wink:



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Man Frank, that is a LONG time with that da#n catheter. I'm sure I don't have to tell YOU that! I am so hoping that this procedure will produce relief for you and you will be aiming over all the fences in PA. I won't even mind if it's mine all the way over here in Lancaster. Fred and I are hoping for nothing but the best. Come back with a good report as soon as you can. We are stocked up with Bud Lites and will get some fresh doughnuts for celebration upon your return.

Love ya,


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Well I made it home in one peace.I still have the cathater tho.They said it was much worse than they expected.

Had a green light laser for over one and a half hours anmd the spinal wore off so they had to give me a general anastetic anyway.

Very sore and bloody but hoping they will be able to remove the cathater next Tuesday.

Thanks for everyones good wishes.

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Oh jeesh Frank- Looks like I'm late to this party...

Well, at least I didn't have time to worry, read before and after, all in about 2 minutes.

Hope Tuesday goes better for you and you get rid of that damn thing.

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