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I am ANGRY! An update of sorts 9/15


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Hi All,

First let me apologize right away as I am not sure where this post best fits but being that I have been following this in the Toronto Star newspaper, I thougt this would work.

Also of note, Brad was from Canada.

I have been following this story about Sean Penn for a couple of days now. Apparently Mr Penn is trying to make some protesting statement by lighting up a cigarette at the Toronto Independant Film Festival. Ontario is striving to be a smoke free province and his act of defiance is just sickening to me!!!

This is the link to todays article.

http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/Conten ... 8256289824

I got really ANGRY reading this latest installment and shot off a letter to the editor of the Star..

"To Whom It May Concern,

I read, with complete disgust, the latest article about Sean Penn and his blatant disregard not only for the laws but for human life.

A year ago today I received the devastating news that my best friend had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He never smoked, and yet he lost his life a mere 3 months after the diagnosis. He was 31.

These facts are taken from the LUNGevity website,

Mr Penn, as an American, I hope you read and think about these facts!

"Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Lung cancer accounts for approximately 29% of all cancer deaths.

Lung cancer kills more Americans each year than breast, prostate, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers combined." (www.LUNGevity.org)

I can only wish that people with celebrity status, such as Mr Penn would come on board the fight to raise awareness for lung cancer. Perhaps if people such as he would do something to advocate for the cause of finding a cure, for coming up with early detection testing, better treatment and more funding this disease would no longer be capable of tearing lives apart. I would much prefer to read about the rich and famous doing something proactive to help this cause rather than trying to prove a point with such negative implications.

Thanks for listening. Maybe one day when I am reading your newspaper it will carry a huge headline shouting that Cancer has finally met its match and a cure will have been found. Until then, I will continue to do anything I can to continue to raise awareness, in particular about Lung Cancer, as it is, in my opinion, one of the least recognized forms of this disease and yet it continues to kill and shatter lives.

Christine Dwyer"

Who knows if it will have any impact whatsoever, but damn it, I had to speak up!

Sorry for the rant, this is just a bad day for me.. Thanks everyone for listening...



*****Not that I am overly surprised but I got no response to the above letter. I did not, however, let it slide. I took it another direction and brought the issue to the attention of the online editor of the CBC news (Canadian Broadcasting Co.) as well as to Yahoo Canada's Entertainment section as both of these sites had very broad coverage posted of this incident. Not holding my breath for any response, but at least I am making some noise about it!

Thank you guys for your replies and support here. It means so much to know that there are those of you who care and understand.


Chris *****

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You go girl! You are darned right! Sean Penn is not above the law. But what I found even more irritating after reading the article was that the moderator did not address the issue directly by asking Mr. Penn to extinguish his cigarette or afterwards by responding when questioned by the Toronto Star reporter. I think his behavior was equally bad!

Hope there is someone there with half a brain who reads your letter and decides to do something to help promote lung cancer awareness!

Thank you,


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Thanks for the vote of confidence. I have actually been going round and round most of the morning with the editor and other staff of the newspaper. Apparently when one replies to the given link in an article it is not the proper one so I had to resubmit my letter two more times. Hey, if it makes it to print it is worth the effort. Even if it only makes one person stop and think I suppose that is a step in the right direction, too.

arghhhh! As I said before, this is just a bad, bad day for me, but I am doing my best to make it count in this fight.

Thanks again,



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Sean Penn is a wsahed up has been who craves attention when and where ever he can find it. :shock: Mr. Spicoli needs to grow up and quit tying to grab attention when he wants it. :oops: Remember Good Times at ridgemont High reference :lol: Last time I heard that name he was protesting the Iraq war THE BEGIINIG OF IT NO LESS NOT RECEENTLY. :x YOu rock Chris :wink: Keep it up 8)

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