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Charlie's 54th B'day


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Charlie would have been 54 today. We are going to have a family memorial service this afternoon and spread some of Charlie's ashes around the swimming pool. He loved to swim and would take his final swim of the season every year on his birthday.

After the memorial service, we are going to have the first board meeting for Breath of Life Support Foundation at a local restaurant. We are going to have a birthday party for Charlie and for the foundation complete with birthday cakes.

Life sucks, but we are trying to do positive things to keep us going. Take care.

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Happy Birthday Charlie!

Tina it sounds like you have a wonderful day planned.

I didn't know this, but Charlie and Keith shared the same birthday. It is Keith's 35th today too. I'm meeting some of Keith's friends at the cemetary to take him flowers and then we are all going to his favorite pizza place to just celebrate him.

I know how hard this day is for you Tina. I pray that the positive things you are doing for Charlie and for you make this day a blessing and bring joy to your heart today and always.

Love you!

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Wish I could Be there to bake a big ole cake for everyone. Good Luck with the meeting and Sending Carolina Blue sky prayers for all. Charlie is always watching over you and smiling on you.

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Oh Tina, what a beautiful tribute to your Charlie. I am sure he was smiling down on all of you and swimming right along with you and the ashes is a wonderful idea.

Just want you to know I wish you peace as I could only imagine how hard this is for you.


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Thanks for all your good wishes and support. During the ceremony, while I was walking to spread Charlie's ashes, I had a monarch butterfly that lite on my shoulder and stayed there the whole length of the pool. I've never had a butterfly do that before. It was amazing and very comforting...I know he was with me. Take care.

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