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cat scan year 4 nned advice


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Hi all I am one of the nodule club unfortunaetly.4 years ago they found 2 nodules in my right lung one was 9mm one was 6mm m,y family history is my mom died at 47 of adenocarcinoma of the lung now heres the thing these nodules have been checked on now for 4 years and thank god in heaven they have not grown at all in that time! I went to a pulmonary doctor that said they wanted to take it to 5 year point because of family history now heres the problem I have a hmo my primary doctor said teh latest cat report said no change and no need for followup meaning no need for another cat at 5 year point now my specialist wants to take it to that do you think its nessecary? and do u think hmo will cover it if specilaist wants it even tho latest reprt read no followup needed< and last but DEFINITLY not least I will admit taht after 5 year mark can I really be sure it never has to be watched after that? that after that time Im good to go for SURE knowing me I would want periodic checks well if abyone is going thru same thing any advice I would surely appreciate thanks and god bless all!

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Hi Laurene!

We have chatted before about these li'l boogers :evil: I am SO thrilled you have hit the 4 year mark!!!! Serious WOOHOOS on that!!!

That said, I would have the 5 year CT - even if you have to pay for it out of pocket (non-contrast CT's are about $500-$600) and perhaps annually, if it helps your anxiety. I have a similar family history, and most pulmos. seem to feel it is prudent to watch for at least 5 years. BUT - what I wouldn't do (easy for me to say :roll: ) is continue to wait for cancer to show up. GO LIVE!!!! I have only done "the watch" for 1 1/2 years, with only minimal changes, and I KNOW what a mental toll it can take. We may never be able to shake the worry - and who can blame us, when we have seen so many family members walk a similar path? If I am lucky enough to find myself in your shoes...at the 4 years, and stable mark...I will still have one at 5 years (my docs advice) and every year, or so thereafter. Better safe than sorry.

Here's to 4 years, Laurene!!! Time to celebrate!! :):):):) You can put this away for another year!!!!! You go girl!

Yours in HOPE!!


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