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Keith's Birthday - long


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On this day, 1971 Keith Alan Kubesch was born to this world. Today he would have been 35 years old.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all a little more about him and celebrate the beautiful life he led.

From stories I was told, keith was always a determined and willful young boy. He knew what he wanted to do and would not be detered. Sometimes he was overly energetic and creative (in other words naughty). In fact from stories I've heard it was a common joke that he was a devil of a boy as a child.

I believe it, because he had a devilish and childlike joy for life. Keith always new how to have fun. He laughed so often that I can barely remember a handful of days that weren't filled with laughter. He was practical joker, and had a hysterical and dry sense of humor. He used to love to tell people long and detailed stories that were simply unbelievable and outrageous, but he would be so passionate and serious and so detailed and graphic that you couldn't help but believe it was true. He would go on for as long as he could until someone would break in and let the poor listener off the hook by saying it was all a joke. But it was never done to make anyone feel stupid or at anyone elses expense. He just was so silly that everyone would just laugh at the absurdity of it all.

He was very much like a big kid at heart. He loved toys, he loved simple pleasures. I remember he saw an ad for a remote controlled helicopter and he turned to me and asked "can I Can I can I, please please please" just like a kid would do. The look of joy and excitment in his eyes was so infectious. He was like that with so many things. He loved Halloween, just getting dressed up acting silly and childlike, candy, friends, halloween parties.

He also had a funny cheesey side which was why he loved the T.V. show Magnum P.I. and he love Tom Jones. Even though he couldn't sing a note, he would belt out a Tom Jones song for all to suffer and enjoy.

His greatest passion was music. He was such a talented drummer. He was self taught, and played in bands in high school, and various ones throughout life including for our church. He wrote songs for most of his bands. Most were serious musical pieces, including a love song he wrote for me, and some were just an expression of his weird sense of humor (he also liked Weird Al Yankovich and Frank Zappa so he loved paradies and silly songs). When he played the drums, his face would transform to something angelic. He would become lost in the music and you could see he felt it in every cell. Again, it was the look of pure joy and happiness.

Sometimes, he would look at me with that look for no reason. It was alway so obvious to me that he loved me more than anything in this whole world.

He wanted so much to have a child with me. To share this incredible love, to have a baby that was the blending of himself and me, a child who he could teach to love music, a child that he would share his joy of life and gratitude for each small blessing with.

Keith was also very romantic. He used to write me notes and letters for the smallest of reasons. He always recognized small favors and would respond from his heart. He once wrote me a letter because I decorated the house for Christmas, and he wanted to let me know that he not only thought the house was beautiful, but that I was beautiful to him and that he thought I made every day special. He appreciated all I did for us, every day and he loved me.

He would bring me flowers for no reason. Usually because he was a morning person and I wasn't. He'd wake up hours before me, and while waiting for me to wake up and join him for the day he would become overwhelmed with anticipation and love for me and would run out and get me flowers to put on the bedside so that when I woke the first thing I would see was something beautiful. Seeing something beautiful was a way of life for me. Every morning we were together, Keith would wake me up by kissing my face before he had to go to work because he couldn't go through a day without kisses and without wishing me a good day and saying I love you. So every day I woke up to his beauty both physical and his beautiful soul.

I miss you so much Keith. I love you with all my heart and soul, Then, Now, and Forever... Always!

I am grateful for the opportunity to love you, to be loved by you to learn from you. You filled my every day with unimaginable happiness and grace and made me a better person.


May God hold you gently and lovingly in his arms as I so wish I could do today. I love you!!! Happy Birthday my Keith.

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Carleen, you truly are an angel here on earth.

Keith's mission was fulfilled but God has more plans for you. You shared a love few ever achieve. Embrace this and know you will someday be with your soul mate again.

Birthday wishes to Keith. I know this must be so hard for you.

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What a beatiful tribute to an amazing man. You and he had such an amazing love, it almost gives me chills to think about it. Thank you for sharing, and for posting. I think of you often, and try to keep my promise of a weekly call! Today...no message, but just a beep on your end. I didn't even know it was his birthday when I called.

God bless you and my most sincere prayers.


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Carleen - thanks for sharing this wonderful tribute with us. He sounds like he was such a wonderful man, I wish I could have gotten to know him. Even though your time was cut short I think you realize you had something special that few people get to have. I know this day was so hard for you. I hope you are finding some sunshine in your days.

Hugs! Karen

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I am so glad Carleen that you wrote about your wonderful life with Keith. Even though it was short he sure lived life to it fullest for the short time he had here on earth.

You were so incredible lucky to have someone who loved you that much. People can go through a long lifetime and have nothing like you two shared. To be able to laugh everyday is a blessing!!

He was so strong and so brave and he loved you with all the passion of a beautiful summer’s morning.

I know he is looking down upon you and placing little whisper kisses on your cheek.

You are a very strong woman, as you have gone through so much with him by always being by his side and giving him all the support and love that you had. With all the negative things that has happened in your life, you ARE a survivor and one day ( way down the road, Carleen) when you two will meet again it will be a glorious reunion.

I love the pics that you included at the bottom of your post.

Peace be with you sweetie,

Maryanne :wink:

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What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man! I am very sorry that your time together was cut short. I believe that our loved ones are always around us after they pass over from this life to the next, and I am sure that Keith is never far from your side. May your memories provide comfort to you and help to keep you strong. I will keep you in my prayers.

God Bless,


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