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VIrus, dizziness, CT scans and meetings with the onc....


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The summer from hell is finally over, and good riddance. The virus that wouldn't go away, and refused to let itself be diagnosed, seems to have ebbed away. It's been ten days since Len woke up with the sweats. And all of a sudden his energy level is up and he's doing things again, not just moping around.

The dizzy spells are subsiding as well.

And the test results are in. Not a slam dunk but pretty good news all around.

No masses to be seen. There is some "new" inflammation in the right lung...not clear if it's a late blooming result of radiation (unlikely, the onc thought) or perhaps the result of the mystery virus Len had this summer. He certainly has lots of respiratory problems, sneezes, sniffles, dripping nose, coughs, etc., etc., some of which are just plain old allergies but some of which, the doctor thought, might have been related to the mystery virus this summer. And the vertigo, since it's centered in the inner ear, may also be a product of that.

At any rate, he's been on AVELOX for six days, four more to go, and will have another CT scan in three months, to chart the progress of the inflammation.

But he's feeling SO much better, better than he's felt for months. His stamina is returning and he's up and about, doing this and that, painting (he's an artist) and working on a project for me as well (making a pull out shelf for my home office).

So I think we're really ok, kunahora...

Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts and messages!


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