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If's are a part of life...


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As someone fighting cancer you may often find yourself often saying, “Only if I had done this.” or “If only I hadn’t done that.” And on the same hand as a family member or friend you may find yourself thinking, “If only they hadn’t done this or had done that.”

The truth is, Ifs are a part of life. In fact it takes if to make up life. And while it is important to recognize the Ifs that could have changed our lives (so we don’t repeat them), it is equally important we don not dwell upon those Ifs.

Yes, there are many Ifs that could have changed your chances of getting cancer; but today cancer is part of your life and you must embrace the Ifs you have before you now. The American Cancer Society states that 75 to 80% of all cancer cases and deaths could be prevented by our actions. Diet, exercise, tobacco use, environmental factors are all Ifs we have control over (although some environmental factors are society based ifs).

Don’t beat yourself up over past Ifs… rather use them for today… use them to ensure the Ifs you choose for today are of the ones in which will help you overcome your cancer (or prevent you from getting it).

We can’t change the past, so don’t waste your time and energy wishing you could. The battle before you need everything you have! The past may be who we were, but it does not have to equal who we are going to be tomorrow!


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