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calling all removed lobed people!!


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Hi all~

My mom had her upper right lobe removed in 2004. She is on oxygen because of a blood clot in the good lung after surgery.

She has seen her pulmonologist only a few times and last time he basically said call if you need anything and didn't schedule her again.

She is coughing more, it sounds "wet" and in my opinion, more short of breath.

She doesn't want to call him and thinks that just getting scanned every three months takes care of everything. She is getting scanned in mid-Oct.


1. Do you see your pulmonologist regularly? Why or why not?

2. If you had progression in the lungs, did you notice these symtoms?

As always, you are the BEST!!! Thanks so much!!

Kelly :D

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My situation is a little bit different since I am treated at NIH. My surgeon is the only one I deal with right now........no pulmonologist. He schedules all scans, etc., which right now are every 3 months. Now that being said, he told me I am to let him know of anything that is of concern to me. I would think what you are explaining falls into the 'let someone know' category. Tell Mom I said so..............might be more apt to get it done as I am also a pancoast tumor, ya know? Mid October is aa bit far ahead to be waiting and wondering about this.



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Hi, I also am a Pancoast tumor survivor, nearly 9 years now! I was told I had excellent lung function before I started treatment and after my lung biopsy did not see a pulmonologist again.

How was your Moms pulmonary function tests before surgery? After the complication?

Does she have any Emphysema? COPD?

Do you think she has a lung infection or bronchitis?

Also at 63 it is possible to be connected to her heart. Does she have any heart disease? High Blood presure? Swelling?

As you can see many things need to be ruled out so first if she has an Internal Medicine doctor make an appointment.

Please let us know what they find out.

Donna G

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