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OncoProfiling(SM) Biomarker Services for Targeted Oncology D


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Source MDx Launches OncoProfiling(SM) Biomarker Services for Targeted Oncology Drug Development

Thursday September 14, 2:54 pm ET

- New Service Offerings Combine High Precision Gene Expression Analysis of Circulating Tumor and Endothelial Cells with over 850 RNA-based Oncology Gene Assays to Enhance Development of Targeted Cancer Therapies -

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Source MDx today announced the launch of a set of new oncology biomarker services for targeted cancer therapy development, Source MDx OncoProfiling(SM), which includes the capture and enrichment of live Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and Circulating Endothelial Cells (CECs) for off-line high-precision gene expression analysis with over 850 validated and patented targeted gene assays. These new services will expand upon current oncology offerings of detection and enumeration of CTCs and CECs. The Source MDx OncoProfiling gene expression service provides the molecular response of specific genes of interest from a patient's whole blood, tumor tissue or circulating rare cell samples. Source MDx's unique cell biology capabilities will provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with a more targeted approach to development of cancer therapies, and allow a better understanding of the molecular differences and response to therapy of the primary tumor versus the metastasized cancer.


Fewer than 10 percent of cancer deaths are caused by the primary tumor, with the remaining 90 percent caused by the metastasis process spreading cancer via circulating tumor cells. Metastasis of cancer occurs when cells on the primary tumor continue to mutate through complex genetic alteration and break away from the tumor. These circulating tumor cells migrate from the original tumor site and circulate through the blood and lymph vessels to reproduce in other tissues in a process known in layman's terms as "seed and soil". Although significant progress has been made in lengthening lives of people with metastasized cancer, there are not currently drugs available that halt the process. Most cancer therapies now are focused on shrinking the tumor mass, even though the metastasis process and spread of cancer can continue in tumors that have shrunken in size through cancer therapies. Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies are expanding their research to better understand and target both CTCs and CECs in the fight against cancer.

"We are excited to be offering the ability to capture and analyze rare CTCs and CECs to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as we feel it will greatly enhance their drug development efforts for targeted cancer therapies," said Dr Bankaitis-Davis, Senior Vice President. "Our OncoProfiling services will allow our clients to research the molecular differences of over 850 oncology related genes for both tumors and circulating tumor cells and track individual response to therapy."

This new service combines CellSearch technology, from Veridex, LLC, with Source's proprietary RNA-based molecular diagnostics toolset. The Veridex CellSearch System is designed to semi-automate and standardize the capture, enrichment, identification and enumeration of circulating tumor cells and circulating endothelial cells in peripheral blood. In addition to the assessment of the molecular status of cancer patients through gene expression analysis of circulating tumor and endothelial cells, Source MDx intends to

offer other advanced oncology services including CTC phenotyping with additional custom specific markers analyses through FITC-labeled tumor-specific antibodies. Furthermore, Source MDx's well-established in-vitro drug assay system will be optimized for use with enriched and cultured circulating tumor and endothelial cells for off-line therapeutic treatment and gene expression analysis. This will provide a more direct approach for the development of cancer therapies.

"These unique new oncology service offerings position Source MDx as a leader in RNA transcription analysis for targeted cancer therapies," said Karl Wassmann, CEO & President. "We now have oncology biomarker and diagnostics research and development in progress in prostate, breast, colon, lung, melanoma, cervical and ovarian cancers including collaborations with leading academic cancer research centers. Our focus is on early detection and prognosis of the leading types of cancer."

Source MDx is focused on the development of RNA-based biomarkers and molecular diagnostics for oncology, cardiovascular, autoimmune and infectious disease. Source MDx uses its patented molecular diagnostic system to monitor an individual's health, disease status and response to therapy at the molecular level, using RNA from whole blood or tissue samples. The Company has completed over 150 preclinical and clinical projects for more than 30 leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies.



Business Development & Services contact: Jim Walther, 303-385-2705, jim.walther@sourcemdx.com

Media contact: Michelle Linn, 508-419-1555, linnmich@sourcemdx.com

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