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Crazy idea


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The whole Oprah thing weighs on my mind for some strange reason I do not know why though. YOu know about having someone appear on her show to educate Public and advocate some what. :o

Oprah Show Link


What about Suzanne Pleshette in a sit down with Oprah? TOLD YOU IT WAS CRAZY :shock:

Also Did any one know that Rachel Rays New show is sponsored By Harpo Productions :shock:

Things that make you go :idea:


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It's not crazy--many of us have written to Oprah several times. Back with Peter jennings, again with Dana Reeeve. And both times when they were diagnosed and again when they died.

I personally found myself a little angry with her. she had Dana Reeve on after Christopher Reeve died, and then I never saw another show after Dana's diagnosis or death. I wrote to Oprah and she didn't call me back :roll::roll:

:?And I write such nice letters too :?

But go ahead Randy--give it your best shot


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I don't think the Oprah idea is crazy at all. That's where the viewers are and that's where the action starts. We just need to get her attention.

If we could find an advocate like Katie Couric, or Bill O'Reilly or anyone else of their stature we could use them to get Oprah's attention.

Imagine the lead-in "Oprah Disses Cancer Concerns".

This is an everybody problem but it's getting to be an increasing women's concern and, as we know, not all tobacco related.

That said, whither now, friends??

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Who ever it is...their network can't have sponsors like Phillip Morris which makes all kinds of products besides tobacco. This leaves the big three networks out.

Even "Dr. Drew" is afraid to tackle lung cancer other than to group smoking as a "bad habit".

Now, the only one I can think that might rock the boat over lung cancer is Katie C. at CBS or maybe Anderson Cooper or maybe Larry King.


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