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Cheryl disabilty


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Dear Cheryl--not sure what company you work for nor their policy on FML, however, most companies can bend rules depending upon the circumstances---I would think that a company would not want publicized that they termitated a cancer patient because they went past their FMLA

time--- On disability, do you have the medical coverage?

Please do not just accept their policy; I know it must be trying at this stressful time, but this is not a "normal condition" and accomodations should be made---talk to your HR Manager

I wish you great results with your surgery


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I work for a mental health agency. We were just assumed by another agency on Sept. 1, after the state came in to take over due to mismanagement by our last CEO. I have worked at this agency for 8 years. I was worried that I wouldn't qualify for insurance due to cancer being a pre-existing illness. The company just acquired new insurance for all their existing employees and added our agency, waiving the 90 day wait period. Fortunately the new insurance approved my surgery! The HR Director for this new company called me this past week to remind me that I will be terminated if I go over the FML time. Maximum time allowed off is 4 months, no exceptions. They are counting cummulative time, even before they took over our agency. I can obtain COBRA if terminated. My husband called one of the County Commissioners to rally support. He basically said to "wait to see what happens." My husband threatned to go to the paper and raise a huge stink! My agency had been in the paper quite a bit up until recently. I just don't have the energy to worry about this along with the surgery. It has really stressed me.


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gosh a mental health agency, and they put you through that? how awful for you-----

I agree, have your hubby raise up a big stink---although COBRA is ok, it is very expensive (at least in NY) so sorry you have to deal with the stress on top of this---it is not right---also is it Social Security disabilty or Company disability?

hope everything works out ok for you

Regards Eileen

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Hi All,

I went through the same thing at the company where I worked. This company is a Non-profit Org. (Affordable Housing and Senior Housing) really big in Southern CA. I went out on medical FMLA 1-10-03. On the 10th of April I received a call from HR and my boss saying they could no longer hold my job (even though a temp was doing my job). I asked them, if I get a release from my doctor to come back to work I would like to do that.They said no I am sorry, it's too late. I worked in the Construction Department. Listen to this, there is a girl who works in the office in accounting. She worked for company for 5 years, I worked for the company 2 years. She went out on sickleave for surgery June 2002, after having her surgery, they found that she had cancer. They hired a temp for her job and they paid all her benefits for her the whole time she was off of work. She returned to work April 2003. I inquired to HR about this. they could not give a straight answer. They said she was a pilot test to see how it would work out for others. I said well I want the same thing. they said sorry no can do. I said is this pilot program example in the employee manual? HR, said no it's at the attorney's being rewritten. I said it doesn't work for you. I should get the same treatment and benefits as all other employees. (PLEASE DON"T INTERPRET THIS WRONG EVERYONE)Oh by the way the girl that they held the job for and paid all of her benefits for while she was out ill is a black girl. I am caucasion. Is this fair? I have no job now. Talk about stress, the company didn't care.

This company is very well known in Southern California, works with urban development, re-development depts. in the cities, news media, newspaper coverage, federal money for building all these affordable apartment complexes. High profile scenerio, I could ruin them. I have too many city official contacts.

Thanks all for listening.........

God Bless and praying for a "Cure" for all of us.......


P.S. I was told no on the 91st day by HR and this other gal wasn't even on FMLA the whole time she was out.


Dx'd 3-03 nsc 3-a Radiation/Taxol/Carbo

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