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Recurrence Prevention


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I take a lot of supplements, herbs and certain foods. I have no idea how much help they are to me. Many people have their own things that they like. I check out every thing I take with my oncologist. I also do as much research as possible. A good place to look up herbs and supplements etc. is on the web site below. This is maintained by Sloan Kettering, so I feel that it is impartial. If you would like the list of what I took during chemo and what I take now, e-mail me and I will attach the files and send them back.


Sloan Kettering Herbs and Supplements


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Hi rmm17,

I think we are supposed to be eating as many green and yellow veggies as we can stand... the good ones like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and squash. And avoiding diet cola and estrogen replacements and animal fat.

Give me a bag of chocolate, a purry cat to hold, and the TV remote. That's all I need. :D


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