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Slurred Speech


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Sorry for so many posts lately. I just have a lot of questions. Lately (past week or so) I have noticed that my Mom is slurring some of her words. It sounds almost like she is kind of drunk. She thinks its because her dentures are slipping but my brothers and I think i may have something to do with the cancer. Could this be a later onset side effect from the chemo or PCI? Or is it a possible sign of cancer mets in the brain? She is having no other symptoms such as coughing or breathlessness. She also has a high energy level. Any insight?



P.S. She is making a appt. through her primary care physican for a CT scan next week b/c her onc wont do one. Also...we are looking for a new oncologist.

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I see that it has been a while since your mom finished w/ PCI. You all may want to ask her onc. or if you get a new onc. if it is possible to run an MRI w/ and w/out contrast of her brain. My husband had WBR back in Apr/May, he has an MRI in June it was clear, but he just had one Fri. before Labor day and brain mets were back.

My opinion, especially w/ sclc is that since it is an incredibly rapid moving cancer, it's not at all wrong to ask to be tested sooner than later.

My husbands' onc. has asked me to watch him, his neuro. functions, he has slurred speech every once and a while, but we know about the brain mets, but I don't want to assume that is what has caused it.

Definitely, discuss it w/ moms' dr.

Wish you the best...


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