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Hello, all. My name is Laurie, and my mother was just diagnosed with extended SCLC this afternoon -- so I'm still in a bit of shock. I'll be passing info about this message board on to her as soon as she gets out of the hospital (where she's been for the last 10 days, but they'll probably send her home middle of next week to take chemo as an outpatient).

This looks like a large and lively community. I'm very glad it's here as a resource. :)


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Hi Laurie and welcome,

So sorry to hear of your Moms DX and all the anxiety that goes along with this horrible illness.

You will find excellent advice, stories of inspiration and encouragement from MANY survivors and care givers on this Community!

Wishing the very best for you and your Mom,



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Survivor Forum and Good news Forums are best to start with. lots of inspiration there. Sclc Is very treatable. We have members here who are over 10 years from their diagnosos. Lots of Hope and Co,passion and Knowledge. Get asmall pocket calendar organizer for apptmnts, tests, Results, questions, and anything else you can think of. Ask lots of questions, here and at Drs Visits. Sclc is treatable. Do not listen or believe teh Onc when or if they give you a time line of "How Long Mom has" Lots of people here have beat those odds. Let us know what happens at next apptmnt if you want. But keep us posted.

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Welcome Lori, sorry you had to find us. We are like family here and please if you have any questions please ask as there are so many knowledgable people here.

I know you are in shock and are really scared, we have all walked in your shoes. It will get better once you mom starts treatment. LC is not a death senctence there are so many people on here who are stage III or IV who are doing really well. There are so many treatments they just have to find one that will work for her.

You are not alone we are always here for you, for questions, support or prayers.

Keep us posted.

Maryanne :wink:

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Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and advice!

As an update: my mom is still in the hospital, but will be going home in the next couple of days (we hope). The oncologist sees no reason why she can't take chemo as an outpatient. They'll be using the drugs VP-16 and Cisplatinum (three days once every three weeks), and will be giving her a small dose of steroids on an ongoing basis to improve her energy and sense of well-being.

When asked to give a prognosis, the oncologist simply said: "Talk to me in four months."

Chemo will start later this week.

Home care is in place for her, as well as Meals on Wheels -- a big relief to myself and my husband, since we run our business from home (we're both freelance commercial artists) but live across town from my mother. Neither of us drive, but we were prepared to knock a couple of hours out of our day several times a week in order to bus it over to her apartment and help her out. With the home care and MoW she will be in a much better position to take care of herself, and she highly values her independence.

My mother's attitude is amazing. She's at peace with the idea that this disease may well kill her in as little as a few months, but has clearly stated that all she really wanted was a chance to "go down fighting". She is very happy that she's eligible for chemo, and looking forward to at least one more summer with us.

Myself, I'm still struggling with the diagnosis. I have my ups and downs, but I'm sure that with time I will come to terms with it. My husband has lost three family members to cancer, so he's gently and jokingly stated that he'll act as my "tour guide" on this journey that no one really wants to take. I'm very glad to have his support, and very glad to have found this online community.

Thanks again for your posts, they mean a lot to me! :)


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