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Grasping for straws - options for very advanced cancer

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Hi All,

My Family and I had a family meeting yesterday and the doctor said that he's been continuing to have a very high white blood cell count due to parts of the tumor breaking off and entering the blood stream. As a result, the white blood cells are attacking it like an infection.

The doctor said that he had consulted with the surgeons, Beth Israel's oncologists and my Father's own medical onc and all seem to be in agreement that this is rapid disease progression and the goal now is to aim for quality of life instead of quantity.

My Mother had called and asked me to post something to see if there was anyone who knew of any treatment options left even though the docs said that there was nothing else. I feel very pressured by my Mother's request. I feel like if I do not find anymore treatment options than it would some how be my fault even though I know it is not true.

Does anyone know of anyone who was very advanced in the disease but still someone managed to work a miracle?

Thanks a bundle,


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I unfortunatey do not know of any options, as my mom never had the same liver issues. But, I do know this-don't be sorry or feel guilt if you can't find a treatment. 4 days ago I was spilling my guts to my mom who was in a semi-coma. She hadn't spoken in days and when I told her I was sorry I could not find any more treatments, she spoke and said "Don't you be sorry." I am positive your dad would not want you to carry any guilt regardless of what happens. It is great to keep asking others if they know of other options, and I pray someone has an idea, but if not, you are doing and have done all you can.

Peace and prayers to you!!!

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I don't know about liver mets either, but what about another doublet of chemo? Taxotere/Gemzar worked well for my husband, but it is very harsh. I'm not sure what they do at this point. Tony is also on Tarceva now, but Doc says Alimta is fallback plan if Tarceva doesn't work. Just suggestions for you to run by the Onc. So terribly sorry you going through this now. It just breaks my heart to see so many valiantly fighting this damn disease.

Best wishes,


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I wish I had the Miracle I really Do. spent a couple of hours raking my brain and resources for a suggestion and come up pretty much blank. The only chemo I see is Cisplatin Etoposide Taxol therapy that s in Combo and might be too rough. Is only thought I can find. willl try some more if I can think of anything. Love and Prayers for Family. I know how hard this is to watch and deal with.

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My wife is Stage IV nsclc and some of the chemos she has taken along the way are: carboplatin/taxotere; Navelbine; Navelbine and Gemzar; Alimta and finally carboplatin/taxol/avastin (the avastin is a chemical that helps cut off the blood supply to the tumors and also facilitates the chemo getting into the tumors). So, I think there are other options, depending upon your dad's tolerance and condition. Don

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Hi Shirley: your dad's profile shows a long and aggressive fight against lung cancer. As Don Wood says, avastin in combo with a chemo may help, and has not been tried yet according to your dad's profile, but I think they would have to get the white blood cell count under control first.

Personally, I think that for myself, I may opt for quality of life at some point rather than fighting the lc aggressively to the bitter end. Of course, I don’t really know for sure what I would do unless I was at that moment. It depends on what your dad wants to do. You all have my best wishes.

Don M

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