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Gertting to Know You - September 17


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Are you a "keeper" or a "tosser"

I just spent this weekend cleaning out my garage and although I am usually a definite keeper, I turned into quite a tosser. There are so many things that I never use that have just been taking up space. I kept thinking I would have a garage sale but it seemed I never got around to that, so I made three trips to the Sharing Center this weekend. I still have a storage unit full of Dennis' things that I haven't been able to part with but I was at least able to get rid of my clutter so I guess that's a start.

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I am a tosser, Ann. Unfortunately sometimes I toss too soon!!!! We have a basement full of 'children's' belongings that they are 'keeping' :? . I say if you're 36 and can't remember what 5th grade crap you have, then it should be tossed!!!! DIL doesn't want it at their house, and we don't want it here either! Hmmmmm.........but I digress. I toss my stuff.

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Big tosser, Earl was a major league PACK RAT. The only thing I have trouble tossing is clothes, like, yeah, right, someday I will be able to wear that dress.

And at this time in my life I really am trying to become a minimalist. Therefore I am buying no more knicky knackies, or grapevine wreaths, ok I lied I still buy a few, what woman can't.

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I'm a temporary type of pack rat and then I toss. Only the real sentimental stuff is kept..........Richard on the other hand has kept it all but keeps thinking I need to toss my treasures!

Our 30 year old daughter has most of her toys (for her children Hah!) and we have the balance of her crap from her move from TX into much smaller Boston digs, when she first brought home the young man who was to become her husband she asked him if wanted to go "shopping" downstairs.....his face was a picture!

I keep hearing that WE need to clean out the basement - my things only take up one very small shelving unit but the place is chock a block with tossable stuff.

What a life!


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Was a keeper who is now a tooser...

I have a garage sale every year in June or July. This was the first year I did not have one because of some cercomstances.... I want to have one now, but unfortunately our garage door broke and we are waiting for a new one. This was in August, they say it will come in Oct. Not sure if I will have one that late as too many leaves in the driveway.

I advertise, and get lots of people. Average around 300.00 a pop.

So Ann you should have had one, people love those things...

Maryanne :wink:

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