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Hello Everyone, My info was lost somehow so I'm retyping this to explain why I'm here. My sister who is 54 has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. She has 1 tumor on the upper left lung, 3 brain tumor's (1 which is in the center of her brain) and 1 collapsed left lung from a biopsy and 1 blood clot ihat is lodged in her right lung and makes her at risk for stroke and heart attack. They are unable to give her chemo or radiaction at this time because of the blood clot. her doctor has given her 2 to 3 weeks to live without treatment and 2 to 3 years with treatment. She wants treatment but is unable to have it at this time and the clock is ticking. After she gets the treatment she'd like to go a little further and beat this. We'd appeciate any info we can get. Thanks! Dolly

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"Her doctor has given her 2 - 3 weeks without treatment and 2 - 3 years with treatment"

I can't believe her doctor made this statement. It's much too irresponsible. However, if it's true, get a second opinion.

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Hello - I'm glad you found this place. I am wondering what they are doing about the blood clot. Why can't they use a clot-dissolving drug, either given into a vein or squirted directly onto the blood clot? Waiting doesn't seem like a very attractive option. I'll second the skepticism of others about those time frames - for many patients, the docs' predictions do not apply. Best wishes to you, Teresa

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