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Yo-Yo Strikes Again

Don Wood

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Lucie is going into Hospice care tomorrow. We have removed all intrusive support, but she is still on bi-pap. She will either come home or go to the Hospice facility, depending upon the assessment tomorrow. Her body is so tired -- she is so tired. I just want her to be comfortable. Don

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I know that the word hospice carries with it lots of mixed feelings... but I am so glad that it is an option for Lucie and that, if she has to leave us now, hopefully she can be comfortable.... and hopefully you and your family can be comforted.

I am so sorry that you are here. I just ache for all of you. Tell Lucie again how very much we love you both... And know that we are all rallying around you in love and prayer.

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Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 4:08 am Post subject: Lucie Fly Wood

Lucie Fly Wood, the love and light of my life, is no longer struggling with lung cancer. She died peacefully Tuesday night. She is truly my angel. Don


72-yr old, married 47 yrs. Wife Lucie diag. 10/02 NSCLC (adeno carcinoma) w. multiple bone mets (skull, rib, upper spine, left hip and right fibula); non-smoker.

Radiation: 10-12/02 (spine, fibula); 03-04/03 (hip); 06/03 (sacrum); 07/04 (rib); 12/04 (skull); 04-05/05 (right fibula - recurrence).

Chemo: (Carboplatin/Taxotere), 02-05/03 - effective in reducing tumors; 07-12/04 (Navelbine) to treat recurrence in other lung, lymph nodes, rib - effective in reducing tumors; 08-12/05 (Navelbine/Gemzar) to treat recurrence in hip sacrum, spine, rib, shoulder, and liver - held everything stable; Alimta 2-4/06 - no effect; Carboplatin/Taxol/Avastin,5-9/06 - effective in reducing tumors.

Staph infection, systemic, 12/02 - second port-a-cath installed. Bilateral pneumonia, 08/03.

Maintenance - Zometa (for bone strength).

I am 11-yr. prostate cancer survivor, Stage II (two bouts). Also 8 1/2 yr. heart bypass surgery survivor.

Pic: Don & Lucie, 02/06

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