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new stage IIIB NSCLC diagnosis in 41 yr old mom


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mass in right lung, pleural space cancerous, 5 lymph nodes. Looking for 2nd opionion, have been told nothing but chemo can be done at this time. I am a divorced single mother and my kids are 4 and 7...plan to find someone who wants to try to cure me rather than just extend my life.

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Hello and welcome!

I am sorry you had reason to find this site, but glad you have posted and introduced yourself.

I am very glad to see you have a fighting attitude. It will help you so much in the battle you have ahead.

Please spend some time and read the survivors forum and see how many people here are beating this disease. It will not be easy, but we will be here to help you out as much as we can along the way.

Keep posting and let us know what we can do.

Sending you tons of prayers and positive thoughts,


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Welcome. Hopefully chemo will shrink the cancer and you will get good results. Have they mentioned radiation? You may want to seek another opinion so you are sure you have an oncologist that is as aggressive as you are with fighting this.


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Hi, and welcome,

So sorry about your DX. You have a great place filled with survivors to lean on for advice an support.

Chemo can indeed can prolong your life, perhaps as long as 100 years!! Do not let this option register as merely palliative, rather, look at it as managing a chronic illness. My Dad has stage IV and is responding very well to chemotherapy, as have many of the survivors on this board.

If you are not happy with anything your Doctors have told you... get more opinions.

Wishing the very best for you and a successful treatment plan,


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Welcome Aholer, You definitely need an onc to match that "can do" attitude of yours. :)

Don't listen to the stats....in fact, don't even let them finish their sentence when they windup to tell you the "prognosis". Tell them to "stop right there". That's what I did. It's just their opinion. They're not God.

Wishing you best of luck searching for new doc.


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Hi aholler,

I am also a newbie and just in the fews days I've been here, I found it is a great place to be. This site is a plethora of information and the people here are wonderful.

It sounds like your not totally comfortable with your oncoman. I would strongly suggesting getting a second opinion. Actually, I would suggest getting as many as it takes for you to find what your looking for (a onco with a positive attitude). I am currently in that process right now with my dad.

I have read many inspiring stories of people who have had only chemo with great results.

Keep us posted.


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Hi aholler

I had my second opinion at Sloan Kettering, I was very satisfied. I could only be treated with chemo and I am now cancer free with just chemo plus Tarceva. A second opinion is good to get and worth the travel to another city. Keep us posted and stay positive.


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Welcome to the site. I am thrilled at your aggressive attitude towards your cancer, as that is such a huge piece to the battle. I am a firm believer in a second opinion. We were lucky to go to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, and they have been extremely aggressive.

Gather information, stay strong, find a hefty support system, and strap yourself into the rollercoaster. We are here for you, so please, keep us posted.

God's blessings,


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Just wanted to welcome you and tell you how sorry I am about the diagnosis. I know how scared you are.

Please know that we are like family here and will answer any questions or support you may need. LC is NOT a death sentence. There are so many here who have beaten the odds.

Good luck and keep the faith as it doesn get you around trouble, it gets you through it.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi, and welcome. It is good to get all the opinions you need to make good decisions for yourself. You are in a vulnerable state right now, so be careful of people who tell you they can cure you for a price. They are out for the money. We are here for you, can support you and advise you. Take advantage of that. Keep us posted. Don

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