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after you respond to Don, Lori, and Jimbens Family


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I am just overwhelmed thsi week as so many of us are feeling right now. It seems as though this sorrow will never end all of a sudden. Much like everyone who has passed before us, There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am sure that it is not the train coming at us. we will et through this and move on with helping others. I am sure the senior members here and ones who are around a lot are feeling like myself. We have a lot of new people to help and cheer on and support in their fight to give us good news. There will be more sad news I know, but right now I wish I could see something in the Good NEws Forum. Sorry for this long post here but just getting to me all of a sudden.

Click the Link to be redirected and hope fully recharged spiritually I hope;


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Dear Randy.

Thank you for summing this up so nicely. I pray very, very hard that you are right and that this horribly sad time will pass and soon. It has been personally trying for myself and reading all of the other heartache only makes it seem darker.

May God's love be with us all, especially those who are in so much pain at this time.


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Randy, Thanks for posting what many are thinking. I have been here from the beginning, and on several earlier versions of the site, and the feeling of devastation each time a loss hits doesn't go away.

But early on, as a newcomer, I remember feeling like a truck ran over me. I was almost ready to leave the group--couldn't handle seeing people suffer.

So I would go away for a bit, and return later. This is the one place I feel comfortable sharing the anxiety of this disease, and I need the support found here.

So for those of you thinking you have to leave, it is too hard, take a break. There is nothing wrong with that.

We are here


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Thank you, Randy for always looking for a way to bring us together rather than let us be destroyed. You are a remarkable human being. It is so hard right now, but you are absolutely right. We do have many members here that need our support and I hope they know that even though we unite in sadness we still hang on to hope for all patients. People do beat this disease and they have to remember that. They need to also know they are not alone. We understand, care and want to be there for them.

Love and Prayers for us all,


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Anyone who needs a break from the board shouldn't feel any guilt about taking one. Anyone who thinks that running away will change anything, though, will soon learn there is no where to run. At least here, there are people who understand, who don't think you're crazy for getting freaked out over "a simple x-ray", who "get it" when you wonder if you'll make it to life milestones.

I hate the losses and I've been through many here, and many big ones. I've met people in person from this site that are no longer here. I'd LOVE to be able to step away from the pain, but truly, there is nowhere to go.

Until there is a cure, all we have is hope. This board feeds the hope in all of us, some days, it also drains a lot of it. We all just need to step back, lick our wounds, wipe our tears and shoulder the burden again - whatever portion of that burden we CAN shoulder.

As T-Bone would say, God bless us all.



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Such sadness fills my heart tonight.... we have lost so many here... but to lose Lucy, Mama and JimBen all within such a short span... it is almost unbearable. I would like to think that they all met up with each other on the road to heaven and walked through those gates together... Thanks Randy for your encouraging words... Thanks to all of you for just always being there. Love, Sharon

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thank you for bringing up your thoughts about so much loss recently. As someone who is new to the site and to this disease, it has been scary to come to the board lately. I was absolutely shocked when I saw Don's post about Lucy's passing and then to read Eric's post about Antoinette. I'm just soo sad about all of this.


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