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Want to hear from other IIIb's


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Hello, MY name is Alan. Tbone for short. I am 48 yrs old. In August I was diag. with stage IIIb adenocarcinoma in my upper right lung, the node on my collarbone and several other nodes lower down my neck. On 8/25/03 I began taxol/carbo/radiation treatments. Chemo is every Monday for 6wks. Radiation is Monday-Friday 33 times total.

I picked this site to post on because it is easy to navigate through and it is also very specific as to the type of cancer. I hope to hear from alot of you about your treatments and your recovery success and or failures.

Since I have known of my condition just a little over a month ago I am in the data gathering stage. I guess im trying to see down the road what lies ahead for me. The ONC Doc told me of a 5yr success rate of 10-20% or something, but what does all this mean? The RAD Doc kept telling me how good I was looking. Puzzled by this I ask him why he was so upbeat. He explained my Rad dosage was enough to kill a horse and that an older person would not be able to withstand them. Oh its getting crystal clear now. No wonder I feel so lousy. Well folks I knew id get cancer if I didnt quit smoking but I think I got cheated a little on the age that I got it. I thought I still had some time to quit. Just shows how my luckgoes. This is why I stay away from Las vegas.

Well thats my story everyone. Id love to hear yours. send email or post on the site.

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Welcome. Love "your" picture!!! It is sad those of us who ever smoked are at higher risk for lung cancer than the general population. About half the people that get lung cancer don't smoke because most quit years ago. I started out my treatment by chemo and radiation also, then I was able to have surgery. There is another that joined recently that I believe had ribs and clavile removed also after chemo and radiation, Well again welcome. Donna G

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I can relate to your feelings about radiation -- my doctor said "you are young and otherwise healthy, we are going to hit you with both barrels -- if you were older, we wouldn't be able to torture you this way."

Gee, thanks, right? But hey -- WHATEVER WORKS!!! Suffer through the torture, cross your fingers, and hope for the best!!!!

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my s/o just turned 50 April 3 and he started feeling bad in March and started with a low grade fever is the reason they found his lung cancer, They found his mass May 7th which was also in his upper right lobe. Tumor was 4.5 cm. no lymphnode involvement. He also has Adenocarcinoma. He smoked a pipe for 28 years but had quit 5 years ago. He was first diagnosed 1b... had surgery and told no treatment needed, but fever returned 5 weeks after surgery.. Anyways to make a long story short, they did a pet scan in july and found 3 lymphnodes with tumors in them, the largest being 2.8 cm x 2.8cm...He was restaged to 3b He just finished his radiation last week, also 33x... He just finished his 3rd series of chemo, doing cisplatin and vp-16, and will be starting taxotere 3 rounds starting in about 2 1/2 weeks...We aren't sure of his prognosis at this time, my s/o doesn't want to know at this point, so I respect that and don't ask either. He also has a small pleural effusion, fluid went away on its own. I was like you, I thought I had years to quit, and I also thought I must have good genes, because my grandmother smoked for years, non filter cigs and a heavy smoker. As I "Was". I quit after my s/o's diagnosis of nsclc, and now I'm scared to death of getting lung cancer. I just hope I quit in time! I wish you the best of luck Alan! I vent here alot along with alot of others and let me tell you there are some really caring people on this site!!

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Welcome to this wonderful site. I came across it one day during the summer and the people here are really wonderful. Not only do the answer

ANY and EVERY question you have, they CARE. I have had a lot of comfort from people in this site - and have had a lot of personal messages too.

Ask away ...

Take care,

Sally :)

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Welcome, TBone! You've found a great place for info and support.

I'm a IIIB too, but with a worse statistical prognosis because of malignant pleural effusion.

That said, take great comfort in the fact that you're handling treatment so well! I'm apparently not a candidate for radiation, but I've had 5 cycles of the Maximum Tolerated Dose of chemo with minimal side effects. My blood levels haven't moved, and the doctors and nurses keep saying how well I look (even without hair :wink: ).

When friends and family ask me how I feel, I keep saying "remarkably well, considering." The most trouble I've had has been mental, dealing with the diagnosis, and recovering from surgery, although that went very well, too.

When you're otherwise healthy (aside from LC, of course) and tolerate treatment well, this bodes very well for the future. And, don't think you're young for this diagnosis, as I unfortunately found out. I'm 45.

Best to you,


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Hi Tbone- welcome to this site. I've found it very helpful last year when I was first presented with this horrendous diagnosis. I am 46, diagnosed last year with stage IV adenocarcinoma left lung, numerous lymph nodes. The stage was discovered at surgery- the surgeon made the decision to remove my left lung (and the lymph nodes). I had been in excellent health, never even had a cold and this whole thing was actually found by accident. I was a smoker but had quit years ago (15). I am not totally surprised that I ended up with it but like you, feel a little "cheated" getting it so young. I have not had any followup treatment (my own choice) and up until recently have had clear scans. The latest have shown some spots on my bone scan and my PET scan showed 2 areas uf uptake in my left upper chest. My onc. wants to repeat the tests in a few weeks since none of them seem to corrrelate with each other. All I can say is you learn to live day to day. Sounds like you're hanging in there- try to keep positive and as active as you can. TAke care-much support on this website. Dorothy

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