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need opinions


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ok here goes, i'm going to list symptoms i have and i want to know if anyone has any ideas or opinions.. headaches - infrequent but i don't normally have any, numbness in face and arms-not constant, just comes and goes, low grade fever - not constant, tired, muscle weakness at times, coughing - non-productive, vision is odd, i've been to the dr. and had ct scans of head, neck, chest, and abdomen, no progression, no fluid in lungs. i just don't feel good, best way to describe it is like how you feel when you start to get the flu. I thought maybe depression, i'm on effexor and don't really feel depressed. dr. is sending me to a neurologist.

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gee Gin,

Hard to know. But, I tell ya, I have had the strangest body things come and go and stay around and feel like yuck and etc.... :!:

At my chemo introduction, the nurses told me that in the future and long after treatment had passed, that I would have strange things happen with my body (it's just a shell) and that I could blame all weird happenings on the chemo I was about to receive.

So, if nothing shakes out for you, maybe you can blame it on the chemo.

Cindi o'h

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Ask MD for CBC, check sed rate. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) can be used to monitor inflammatory or malignant disease. Although it is a screening test (cannot be used to diagnose a specific disorder), it is useful in detecting unsuspected disease in which symptoms are vague or physical findings are minimal.

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