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about this week. My brother from NYC flew home yesterday.

After 5 days home from the hospital in NYC and getting a 2 week break from his 6th chemo, he "felt" well enough to fly home. He's so incredibly skinny, and tired, so I am trying to feed him lots. :wink:

We are chatting and everyone is pretending like nothing is wrong with him (sigh) and he brought gifts and acting like nothing is wrong...but every now and again I squeeze a bit of information out of him. I will help him whether he wants me to or not!

He had an immune disorder already, which makes the non-hodgkins lymphoma and the chemotherapy even worse on his body than a "regular" person. But I remain hopeful and will enjoy the 6 days he is here with us. That's all I can do.

I am keeping all of you close in my heart tonight. It's been a heavy and difficult week. We lost a part of our family this week...we must honor those lost by picking up the torch, supporting and holding each other up, and fighting the fight.

God bless us all.

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Katie, I know your heart must be a bit lighter tonight just knowing your brother is nearby. I'm remembering him in my prayers. How is your mom holding up through all of this? So much for her to bear in such a short time frame.

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