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Boston satelite walkers


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On behalf of the whole committee I would like to thank everyone who has registered or will be registering to walk closer to home.

If we had a bigger budget we'd send you all a ticket and you could walk with us - yeah right!!

This has blown us all away, Debi you're an absolute doll to have started the ball rolling, we owe you big time so come on up here and collect --- your choice beans in Boston or maple syrup in VT.

You can relieve yourself of any checks you've received before the event by sending them with a pledge form directly to LUNGevity, your personal goal will adjusted donations will show as verified and acknowledgements will be mailed to each donor.

Again, we are so thrilled with the support we're getting from all over North America. For a first time event this is really taking off and it's great to be involved.

There are several walks being organized by people on this board and the money is all going to the same place.....soooo if you have a day free in November please choose one (Boston is a good one!) and we'll all walk for a very good cause.

Take care


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Thanks Geri, I am VERY excited about this!!

And of course, a very special thank you to Debi, for making this happen for those of us who don't live near Boston! Finally, there's something we can DO!!

My mom is very excited about this as well. :)

One question, can we still take donations the day OF the walk, in case anyone shows up, wanting to donate then?

Thanks again!


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FYI Only/For the satellite walkers--we will mail out a tee shirt and goodie bag to you before the event. If you have a pledge form you can mail it directly to LUNGevity anytime before the event. Make sure you make copies for your records also. Please do not send cash through the mail only checks. Donors will get a tax receipt from LUNGevity and and a thank you letter but need to make sure LUNGevity has all the info (name, address etc) provided. Any questions or problems or if a question is missed on the posts please email me @ walkfunrun@yahoo.com instead. So far I have Debi, Rochelle, Katie, Val, Christina, Kelly, Andrea and Stacey for satellite walkers. If I'm missing anyone please let me know. Hope this helps. Thanks guys for doing this and making a differences. You guys s/b proud of yourselves I know I am.

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Yes, Sorry for the confusion. No updated pledge form. Kasey and I did talk on the phone and I do believe we are all set on that one. If not I can call Kasey or she can call me anytime no problem. The walk is coming along great and everyone is excited for sure.

Thanks Rich


As you know Kasey was confused about the different forms you sent. Is there an updated pledge form or should we use what you sent the last time?

We are so excited about this run/walk.



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