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Sore throat


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Since my last chemo on 9/8 I've developed a nasty sore throat. It has been coming on for about a week but as of yesterday it hurts a lot to swallow. My question is, I have a call into my onc. about it, Is he going to want to see me or am I likely going to be told to call my primary doc? I'm just wondering because I know I need to see a doc, but I had a busy day planned and I'm hoping not to have to drive all the way to Boston when my primary is <5 min. away.



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Can not give you advice except to ask Your Onc if you can go to your Primary. Probably depends on symptoms of soreness and Location. Hope it is nothing serious. Sending Prayers For good news.

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I have been taking Tarceva for over a year. I take a lot of supplements and herbs. There are two simple things that effect my reaction to Tarceva. I really have no bad side effects. Occasionally I will get a soar throat in the morning, and it is because I slacked off the day before on my water. I try to drink an 8oz glass of water for each hour that I am awake, and when I do I am not bothered by the soar throat. I never get a rash, but once in a while I will get a slight itch on the lower part of my legs. I found that if I miss my aerobic exercise a couple of times this happens. As soon as I work up a sweat the itching goes away. I exercise 6 times a week, three aerobics and three with weights. I also go in a hot spa every night 102 degrees. I think this helps also.

I hope this may help you let me know. :lol:


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