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I posted this under Welcome Newcomers, but felt perhaps I'd get more help here. Anyone in this same boat?? Thanks for all support.

I am very new to this board, but am hoping for answers to many questions. My husband has had 4 cycles of Carboplatin and Vincristine. We get the results of his CT scan tomorrow and I am very nervous as is he. He has had a clean brain scan and a clean bone scan a month ago, but now is complaining of stomach pain and feeling achy all over. He has liver metastasis and up until this last couple of weeks his oncologist had felt the liver was responding very well. I'm afraid the news will not be so good this time. What next? Anyone out there with good stories?

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I am not here to tell you that what your oncologist is doing or has done is wrong, but I am here to tell you the truth about what is indicated as first line therapy for SCLC. First line therapy is very important in a cancer diagnosis, primarily because what you do first influences everything from then on. First line therpay for SCLC, is either cisplatin and or carboplatin with either CPT-11 or etoposide. That is what has been shown to be most effective against SCLC. Other drugs that have been used as second line agents (when first line therapy has failed) are as follows....


Cytoxin with adraimycin and vincristine



You may want to ask your onc about why he/she has chosen the carboplatin/vincristine regimen as first line therapy when it is not the indicated for the best response....he may have good reason, but i would still ask and get a second opinion....also chemotherapies can cause aches and pains.


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Hi-You are right to come to this section for info on sclc. The stomach problem may be from the accumulated effects of the chemo. It builds up in the system as you go along. I had the same problem.

As for the types of chemo used I would question your oncologist about the drugs he choose. Every Dr is different but some are more up on the newest combinations of chemo. It is never too late to get a second opinion. Come back often with question or a just a place to vent. There is a caregivers forum on here you might find helpful. Lotsa luck

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My mistake! My husband is getting carboplatin and Etoposide. The nurses referred to it as VP-16 and I confused it with Vincristine. Anyway, glad to hear some of his tummy pain is to be expected and glad to hear he is on the first-line chemo. We found out today that he has a staph infection which may be contributing to his not feeling so hot. Hopefully, we are on the right track and we'll get good news tomorrow. Thanks to you both for the good information.

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Okay!! the news is good. The CT Scan shows very good results. His tumors are shrinking and his liver is normal sized. He does have a nasty staph infection in his toe, but strong prescription to penicillin should clear that up. Dr. said his weakness is due to combination of chemo related anemia and the infection. What's next is continue the chemo, continue the Procrit, but probably larger dose and take his penicillin.

Thanks for all the support from this board and if anyone out their doubts it, prayer does work.

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