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My dad had pneumonia but chemo and radiaton were going forward as planned and the only side affects he had was a bit of nausea.

Now he is in the hospital because he had a fever of 101 and the hospital admitted him immediately. There was a room ready for him by the time my mom and dad got there. He is fine during the day but at night his fever goes up and they said that they will keep him in the hospital until he goes 24 hours without any fever.

He also has thrush because he didn't listen when both the doctor and I told him to make sure he rinses his mouth out after using the inhaler or the nebulizer. One of my chemistry teachers is also an asthmatic like me and told me that there is antifreeze in some inhalers and it is known to cause thrush. I have never had a problem with it but my dad's tongue and throat are raw. Now I think he will listen and rinse his mouth out after using the inhaler.

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The reason for putting your Dad in the hospital for the fever is probably because the chemo causes your white counts to go down and he has nothing to fight off infection.They told me if my temp reached 100.4 to go to the hospital.Its a precaution.Dont Worry.

Thrush I dont know anything about.


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He does have an infection and they think that he actually still has pneumonia behind the mass in his lung. He was only supposed to be there for three days but now they don't know when they will release him.

I am going home tomorrow and going see him.

Umm...I know what thrush is but it is kind of hard to explain. I will have to get back with you on that.

I apologize for not updating sooner. I have been so busy lately that this is really the first time I get to check in here.

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I went to see Dad in the hospital, he was losing his hair but the worst part was that I couldn't hug him.

He came home Saturday night. YAY!

Today I stayed home instead of going to church and played video games with him and watched a movie with him afterwards. Mom wound up just shaving his head because he was getting aggravated. So now he is bald with a salt and pepper goatee.

The grey hair looks strange on him because he is only 38 but he has a lot of stress.

I cried when I had to leave to come back up to Baton Rough for classes tomorrow.

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