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Getting to Know You - September 21


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Well, of course I don't think this is is weird, but my DH's family does.

I LOVE pancakes and waffles w/ peanut butter on them (and syrup, of course). My dad made the BEST peanut butter, syrup, and jelly sandwiches (all mixed together, then put on toast). Now I haven't had that in a long time!

:) Kelly

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I used to love to put potato chips in a bowl and cover them with catsup. Also Geri, when I was younger, we used to have that Eagle Brand Condensed milk on pancakes. Wow, that was good (and I'm sure 450 calories a forkful!).

Oh, and I used to eat this stuff called Scrapple with eggs. I loveddddddd Scrapple. God knows what it was made of....

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My mom was a teacher so my dad apent a lot of time with me when my mom had PTA meetings. He would always make me toasted peanut butter sandwiches in the oven. I haven't had one of those sandwiches in years but I sure did love them. I think the fact that my daddy made them special for me was what I really liked about them!!!

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