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Darrell has asked me to update you all...


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I had a phone call this afternoon from Darrell and he asked that I let everyone know how things are with him.

First.. GOOD NEWS!!!!!! ALL of the brain mets that he had the radiation for, are GONE!!!

Now, the not so great news. He has been given a dx of Superior Vena Cava for which he is beginning 10 rounds of radiation today. He wanted you all to know he feels GREAT and I can attest to his continued upbeat attitude. He intends to continue to work through out this treatment as long as he is able to. The doctor has also started him on Decadron and he hopes to have great results from that.

I will keep the updates coming as I get them.


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and just an added smile for you all.. when he told me the brain mets were gone I asked him if that means he is now, officially, an Airhead. He laughed so hard and then said, Well I guess it truly does!!! :D

If attitude serves any purpose in this fight, Darrell will no doubt win, hands down!!


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Thanks Chris for he update.

He is just oen brave and amazing individual. He is like the Energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going. I love his attitude....

Tell him I am thinking of him and sending prayers.

I am really thrilled about the GOOD NEWS!! Empty headed.... I love it!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Gang!

What a great feeling that they found absolutely NOTHING in my head! And yes, you can take that anyway you like!!!

I played golf of Saturday and had to stop to breathe when I walked from the cart to the ball so I knew something was amiss. Thank you for all of your help and advise on the SVC syndrome..

We'll beat this. We MUST and we WILL!

Now, has anyone seen my squirrel? He didn't show up on the MRI!! hehehehe

Love you all!


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