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Just my thoughts and hopefully some perspective..


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As hard and painful and as difficult to comprehend as these past few days have been, it makes me think that there is a positive to all of it.

I know that some of us are dealing with loss so profound right now that it is hard to think beyond this moment. Some of us are grieving the loss of our loved ones recently. Some of us are dealing with the anniversaries of losses and diagnosis that put our lives into complete tailspins. Yet, throughout all of the tears and sadness, one thing remains a constant. The love, care, compassion and united effort among us here on this site.

Through all of these negative and horribly heart wrenching losses, the grief of losing several beloved members of "our family" here at LCSC, it brings to my mind the renewed strength and need to fight this battle even harder so that one day we will be able to say, Hey, remember when Cancer was???? My hope and dream is that this is something that will materialize much sooner than later.

I hope that my words will give some perspective and help to renew the faith and belief amongst us here that this fight against Lung Cancer and Cancer in general is one we WILL win.

My love and prayers to all of this wonderful family,


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Thank-you. You are SO right! Our family here is so supportive and caring and we all "get it."

I have been sad the last couple of days because I am lonely. Not lonely from not having people around me, but lonely without the love of my life next to me sharing with me. This monster--cancer, HAS to be stopped!! Take care.

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Howwwwww Much is that Dooggggiiiiieeee in the window? How much does that little Pup cost? denny is cute Just had to add never seen him/her before!!!!

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Thank you all for the kind words.

Randy, Denny is my "insurance policy" as my 18 yr old son has recently enlisted in the military. All his life he has always wanted a Dachshund and so my way of making sure he will always return home safely was to get him his little dog. Denny will be "moving in" with us this Saturday. He is 7 weeks old. In my mind this made perfect sense. Thanks for mentioning it.

Take care all,


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