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Celebration of Life last night


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There were hundreds of people who showed up last night. I had put together 7 picture boards that showed all of the fun we had together as a family. We had Elton John music playing all night, lots of food, beer, decorations. My aunt took care of getting it all together. I had many people tell me "You now, I've heard people say If I die, just have a party, but this is the first time anyone actually did it." It was cool.

The Gatlinburg girls (we go on the annual trip) were there. We did a balloon release and as we looked up, we saw a rainbow. It was mom smiling down on us, as there was no rain in sight and hadn't been all day. She was with us. Brought us all to tears...

We got the letter of confirmation that UC got mom's body. It expressed their appreciation and mentioned if people didn't do this, medical science would be severely compromised. I am proud of her. I feel her with me. I really do.

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Dear Lori,

It sounds like it was a beautiful evening. I'm very proud of you and your mother for the incredible gift of the donation of her body to science. It is a tremendous act of generosity and one that rarely receives the recognition it deserves. I wish I had had the courage to donate Bill's body, I wish I had even thought about that as an option. Again, I am just very proud of you and your strength and I know that your Mom is with you and will help you thru the difficult days ahead.


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Dearest Lori,

The whole celebration was beautiful. Your mom had a ball!! She was rocking up there to the Elton John tunes! And the rainbow thing brought chills up and down my arms. That must have been an awesome site.

At least you know that even though she is rid of that sick body her spirit is alive and WELL. She showed you that. That must make you feel so much better.

You are in my heart hon, peace be with you as it is with her.

Maryanne :wink:

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I am sure your Mom was with you for her celebration of life, and is with you daily. Lori, your strength through this entire ordeal has touched me more than you could ever know... you are an incredible person, hmmm I wonder if you inherited that from "Rocky"????

Much Love, Sharon

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Lori, I'm almost your Mom's age and have been following your stories since you came on the message board.

I just have to say if I had a daughter like you I would be so proud. Yes, the rainbow was your Mom smiling down on you!

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