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Anyone heard of hiccups being a sympton of LC spreading?


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My father has had hiccups since last night with no stopping. He couldn't do radiation today because of it. They gave him a presciption for it - hoping it will work. They mentioned it might be the LC spreading to his esophogus? Just curious if anyone has heard of this. He also lost another 5 pounds in one week. He is down to 128 pounds - normally 170ish.

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If he had bad hiccups, how did they do radiation? Today the machine's power was screwed up so they couldn't do radiation for that reason. But they said since he couldn't lie perfectly still due to the hiccups, they wouldn't have been able to do them anyway. If it makes a difference, his oncologist uses the IMRT machines - which I believe are the latest and greatest and require a lot of precision - they had him fitted for a body glove first to make sure the radiation was directed at the exact correct spot

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