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Overwhelming fatigue


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Regarding Andrea's post about fatigue - boy, I sure can relate. I feel strongly that stress equals fatigue, at least in my case. I have been like a walking mummy these past two weeks. Find it very hard to make myself do anything. I still haven't been able to go for a walk by myself for fear my legs will buckle under me. I do exercise at home and this symptom seems to be going away, thank goodness. But yes, stress sure does take it's toll mentally and physically. My husband keeps telling me to rest, others tell me to exercise, my oh my! I do find that if I make a small game plan for the day and accomplish just those things on the list, somehow it makes me feel better. Guess we just have to keep trying.

Joanie (()))

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Hi Joanie, I noticed you had hypothyroid due to radiation. What side was your field?

I could hardly put one foot in front of the other before they did the angiogram and discovered my right coronary artery blocked. The nurses at cardiac rehab keep telling me it is due to radiation.

From what I've read, extreme fatigue is a symptom of right coronary artery blocked. The kicker is that it is difficult to identify with usual EKG tread mill or echocardiograms. It is somewhat uncommon I guess...unless you've had chest radiation.

Anyway Joanie, just got to thinking that since you had radiation too it might be something to keep in mind.

Was your hypothyroid condition permanent? What were the symptoms?


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I hope you get some energy back soon. I think having some small goals and then achieving them is a good idea. Maybe you are still recuperating and your body is telling you to rest. When I was in the midst of my chemo, I would get at lest some exercise, walking or gardening, and then I would go take a nice long nap a little later in the day. That way I got both exercise and rest.

Don M

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I suffer the hypothyroid fatigue, as well. In fact, I had an appointment this week to go over what's going on. I had to be reminded of all the symptoms associated with the hypothyroid - fatigue, memory lapses, weight gain (dammit)...

So, I'm back on the thyroid medication. I've found that stress compounds the fatigue and memory issues. I'm not a stress eater, but my metabolism is just shot so EVERYTHING I eat goes to fat. Yee-haw...

I don't know about the coronary artery stuff, but I may ask my doctor about it. I've been painfully short of breath lately (I mean I'm out of breath and my chest hurts) and don't know if it can all be attributed to being overweight, underactive and short of lung...

Then there's job stress (I have a new boss), home stress (issues with ex-spouses), money stress (who doesn't have that woe),... Crap, shouldn't have put 'em in black and white, looks like there's a LOT on my plate now that I see it...LOL

ANYHOW, yeah, I hear you on the tired, and it could be you need your thyroid medication adjusted or you should mention the coronary artery thing (but with all the chest crap you've had done lately, I'd think you'd be pretty scrutinized by now) to your doctor. Sucks being tired, though. Really.

My doctor also said the fatigue could be a side effect of the chemo agent I took, the cancer itself, etc. Wonderful, an "unknown" in the mix...

Guess we're in the same flippin' boat - let's row to shore and take a nap in the hammocks under the palm trees on yonder desert isle....yeah, and have that cabana boy bring us a fruity blended drink...I can almost taste the coconut....

Try a nap, sometimes they recharge me - and sometimes, they stretch into hours and I'm still tired...

Good luck!

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Thanks to all for your concerned responses. As far as I know, according to the tatoos on my neck and a very wise, clever doctor, I was told that the radiation totally killed my thyroid. That diagnosis was back in November 2002. They put me on synthroid and have been checking my levels ever since. Just this week he upped it to 112 from 100. I do feel that once I get the proper dose I may be little more symptom free and feel more normal. No more teary little hissy fits, trouble sleeping, eating problems and excessive fatigue.

You guys are the best. I'll let you know.

Joanie ((()))

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Hi Joanie,

Your thyroid medication may have been most of the problem. As I rememeber when Joel was diagnoised with an over active one, he was like a zombie and didn't want to do anything, didn't want to eat and had trouble sleeping When they killed his thyroid with radiation which made it underactive, they put him on synthoid and when they finally got the right doasage he came back to life.

So with all you went through and the stress at work, if you tyroid medication is off that would be much of your problem.

Hopefully, since they seem to have gotten your levels right you will start feeling better.

I like idea of a list of a list of tasks.

I hope you are feeling better soon it is horrible to have that no energy, fatigue feeling.

Maryanne :wink:

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When you exercise you literally damage your body's muscles and stuff. The body repairs these tears. This process makes you stronger and able to do more exercise.

After exercise one should feel a small bit of pleasant fatigue, almost euphoric. This means your body is repairing itself and making you stronger. The exercise is building up your body.

If you feel more fatigued than you did before exercise you are working against your body. You are exercising beyond its ability to repair itself. If that is the case rest.

When you do exercise take tiny baby steps. Exercise only enough to feel good about it. Don't push a worn out body. It is counter productive to exercise beyond the body's ability to repair the exercise stress. Work with your bidy. Listen to it.

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