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WONDERFUL on the two year anniversary, Kasey! Way to survive, girlfriend!

...as for the friends, I do find it hard to believe that people YOU are that close to would be callous. I believe they do not know how to deal with it. I remember Addie's posts about her circle of friends and how they wore hard hats or other "wardrobe homage" to her fight when they were all together. I would believe your friends to be a bit off on how to deal with it all and agree with the others that they are probably taking their cue from you. If you truly are close, maybe you should either meet with them as a group or one on one and explain what you NEED from them to help you with what you are going through.

I'm sure you wouldn't feel comfortable talking about side effects and some of the other complaints we discuss on the board, but for them to know when you are down and need a cheerleader would surely help you out and not leave you feeling left out of the circle.

Take care, Kasey. I'm sorry you experienced the news of our loses while you were some who do not "get it". Ahhh, how envious I am of those who don't "get it" - I was once one of them, and now I'm here... I understand all too well what "it" is and there are days on my pity pot that I wish that I did NOT "get it" and could go back to the PollyAnna days...and then I get over it. I think I've become a better person through this journey, and you?

Love ya,


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Congratulations on your two years, also I'm hoping for excellent scans for you next week.

I have been fortunate, I truly only have 8 real girl friends and five of them have had cancer effect their lives and truly do understand what I'm going through. What is ironic is that until my cancer, I was living in a complete bubble. When we were all still very young, my girlfriend Nancy's husband was diagnosed with Leukemia and now that I look back, I was no help to her at all and she went through so much pain and really needed her friends to be there and we were barely there because we didn't understand. I am ashamed of myself for that because now I know.

That leads me to say, your friends don't mean it, they just don't understand. Sorry for rambling. The one thing I do wish is that people treated me like a normal person. My girlfriends won't let me pay for anything anymore...I said to my husband yesterday that they all think I'm going to die so they won't let me pay. I hate that!

(((((Kasey)))) Congrats again and many many more years to come.

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:D:D:D:D Hooray for Kasey!! 2 years is a VERY BIG DEAL!!

I am looking forward to April of 2007 when I will officially be at my 5 year mark...!! I don't think anyone can understand except for those of us who have been or still are "there." I agree with you about the board the losses are very hard to take but it's impossible to leave when you have so many friends that remain.

you have good friends who I'm sure love and care for you but they live in that wonderful, blissful ignorant world of life without cancer. I miss that world sometimes more than you can ever imagine. Everytime I'm sick, or have an unexplained pain or fever.. and I worry about "it" coming back. When I go to the pharmacy just to pick up my kids antibotics.. I remember buying groceries there because I was too sick to go to the grocery store. The wave of smells hit me and I remember coming in there so full of chemo and barely being able to walk to the back of the store to get my antinausea meds. I long for the days when I could just check "NO" in all the categories on those long health history forms instead of trying to relay an entire novel of health information everytime I see a doctor. A lot of days I just miss taking things for granted and knowing I'll always be there to watch my kids grow.

But then I realize that had it not been for cancer I wouldn't tell them I love them as often.. I would tend to appreciate just the big moments in their lives not all the moments in their lives. I wouldn't be able to offer advice to new survivors.. I would be missing out on a lot of life. Those of us that have "walked the walk" know what it means to be a 2 year survivor.

Here's to many, many more!!!


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Kasey!!! Congratulations on 2 years!! We do get it here, but I'm afraid that some people just aren't able to talk about things that are "uncomfortable". I had such a hard time when my dad was sick with the friends of mine that didn't ask about him or call to find out how he was. I have always done that when my friend's family members were dealing with tough times. I don't know..it is difficult..maybe some of us are just more sensitive to others or we are just not afraid to express our feelings.

Anyway...glad you are home!


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Kasey....For some reason, I just feel the need to start singing "Hello Dolly" but change the words to "Hello Kasey." Guess it's all about the part..."it's so nice to have you back where you belong." Yes, it is nice to have you back here with us. Two years....hip...hip...horray!!! Kasey, you are so loved by all of us. Oh, better add that we love Fred, also!

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CONGRATS KASEY!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! You are such an inspiration to this board and I am so happy you are celebrating this accomplishment!

Please try not to be too frustrated with your friends. They can't help what they don't understand. I know it's hard when they don't say the right thing or say ANYTHING but just be thankful they are cancer-ignorant. And if some day they are unfortunate enough to be initiated into the cancer club they will be so lucky to know you!

I hope your next fun getaway is more fun!


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