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I'm whining. Please get cheese and crackers, and a shoulder

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Dad is getting closer to his end. I helped close the summer house with Mom and Dad. My MATURE Mom is pulling out tree saplings and wants me to help...

Oh man my back hurts from carrying my son, who has cerebral palsy and weighs 77 pounds. So I helped Mom pull tree saplings. And we took out the window A/Cs and all the house closing stuff.

Next week I'll be going to there regular house. Which is closer, but has stairs. It is a raised ranch, so just 6 stairs. The stairs are bad enough for Dad, But with a 77 pound child and the wheelchair; I'm really tired just as soon as I get in the house.

Plus, I have to do battle with the school where it has been decided that because my son has such severe cerebral palsy that he can not talk or write that he is retarded. Now, I know what retarded is because my older son has Down syndrome. His eyes glaze over when the subject gets to hard. My son with CP pays attention. He was studying math, science, geography etc. last year and couldn't do the tests. Why jump back to teaching him colors and shapes this year, when he still can't do the tests???

Sigh. thanks for letting me whine. The shoulder I'm offered should have a towel on it.

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It is always healthy to clear your thoughts out of your mind occasionally. No whining! Just getting things off your mind. We always have big towels if you need one and lots of shoulders. Sometimes things get overwhelming especially with all the sadness and stresss in life. Remember, You have to take care of yourself in order to be healthy and strong for everyone else. Nobody Whines Here. Sending Prayers for everybody now and always.

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I am sorry that you are having personal issues with your son on top of dealing with cancer. Your son should be evaluated for a communication device to help him "talk". There are lots of ways people can communicate without a voice. About the school...you should have received a book of your child's rights as a special education student--get it out and read about what to do if you disagree. In Michigan, we have an advocacy group that will help you for free--check what is available in your state. Good luck.

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Gwen, this must be so hard for you. Is there a student advocate group that can help you with your son's issues? My son was in special education and there were meetings called IEP's to decide what direction to take concerning his education.

What a difficult time for you, you are such a wonderful daughter and Mother.


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