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I exposed my mom to strep throat!!!!!


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We found out Tuesday that my 15 yr old son has strep throat.

:shock: Now, he is strong and healthy so I am not worried about that, I am worried about my mom though. She is pretty deep into her chemo now and feeling good- next week is her final shot of 3 rounds over 6 weeks so I am sure her white blood cells are low low low right now!

I feel AWFUL to have exposed her to it!

We were at her house most of last weekend and he was hanging all over her although he did not have a fever and I had no way to know he was sick it stinks to wait and hope my son did not give her a nasty infection!

I called my dad and let him know that at her onco doc visit to check her blood counts he should ask for some antibiotics and they gave her some-boy was my dad angry! I understand this anger-it would stink for her to fight so hard and beat cancer for so long and lose to a dang infection!

Riding the rollercoaster-


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It is good you called. She really should be on antibiotics right away. Strep is very dangerous, it can get in the blood stream, other organs etc. We get so used to hearing about strep throat that we forget it is a very nasty bacteria and when it goes somewhere else it can be hard to diagnosis and get rid of. Call your dad back and make sure he reaches her GP or someone that will call her in a prescription. I hope it isn't necessary, but better safe than sorry.

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I know it is a tough balancing act. But don't beat up on yourself. No one can live in a bubble. Heck, you know even with a "little" cold can be such a big thing.

I would say you're doing the right thing, we never know when our kids get sick.

But make sure your moms' dr. or np or nurses at her hosp. know, even if your dad is hesistant to do so, you could make a phone call to just let them know.


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As if all the other worries when someone we love has LC weren't enough... then one of us caregivers gets sick and we just feel terrible. The first time I went back to be with my Mom, I came down with (or... had a recurrence of) a terrible, terrible bug. Here I was staying in their home and sick exposing Mom to all this stuff. I wrapped myself up like a hazmat guy when I was around her... and that was all I Could do til I got back on the plane.

You can't help it. It happens. IT's great that you gave them a heads up. And... some way or another, it will work out ok.

Don't beat yourself up.


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We exposed mom to alot of things, and when she developed pneumonia I even blamed myself for giving her the food she aspirated to make it worse. When I talked to the pulmonologist in the ER the day before she passed away, I said will she die from this? Did I give it to her? HE said no, no, you can't think that way, it is the Cancer.

I know my kids probably gave her at least a few colds and such along the journey, but the alternative was not being with her family and with this disease having such impossible odds she took the quality of life over quantity by spending time with family, even though there was a risk. I pray that your Mom doesn't get strep. I just bet she adores your son and wouldn't trade time with her family for anything.

(and by the way, it really made my step dad angry when we came around and found out later the kids were sick, it was she that insisted it would be okay. It is a hard path for everyone)

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Good News-My son does not have strep, some weird viral infection that 'acted like' strep. Mom's doc put her on a preventative antibiotic.

She just finished her last chemo round of this bunch and took neulasta today but her blood counts are good so I am thankful for that!

Thanks for all the encouraging words and support-

Blesings to all


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