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Vineyard pass please,


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As I said in Test Updates I am going on my trip. Leave tomorrow, fly into Paris for days and then go to Lyon and board a riverboat for 8 days of cruising through Provence. There will only be 47 passengers and 13 of them are my friends, so a good time is sure to be had.

The doctor called me on Fri and said that the mammo shows calcium deposits, no bump, no lump, no tumor. But he said, they shouldn't be there so get the biopsied when you get back. He said there is absolutely no reason no to go on the trip. So tomorrow morning I will call the surgeons that my dr. gave me and try to schedule an appt for when I get back and I will leave this worry here in the good old USA.

And Fran, I am on my way to get a manicure and pedicure as soon as I get off of here and I am getting I'm Really Not a Waitress on my toes.

I am sure I will check the posts before I leave tomorrow. I will miss you all. We had way too much sad news this week.

Absolutely NO sad news for the next 2 weeks. And Kasey, I will be praying for you sweetie.

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