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What can I do to help everyone else?


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My beautiful, wonderful mom died on Aug 11 after a 7 week battle with lung cancer.

She was a life-long non-smoker and health nut before having shortness of breath at the end of June. After being initially diagnosed with lung cancer, we though we had a big fight on our hands. She was then dealt a series of blows - a heart attack and a pulmonary embolism - that made our fight impossible. Despite her desire to fight, she was admitted to hospice on Aug. 1 and died 11 days later. She was my best friend - a wonderful person.

I sit her in awe of all the cancer survivors and fighters. We wanted to fight this but were never given a chance. Our enemy blindsided us and robbed us.

I ask you...how can I help? What can I do to get the word out about lung cancer? How can I not let my mother's death be in vain?

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Hello and welcome. I am so sorry about your mom. How very tragic to lose her so soon after the initial diagnosis. I can relate to that, sadly.This disease is just horrible.

I am very glad that you have joined us here. This site is full of some of the greatest people so caring and willing to help out however they can.

Please let us know how we can help you and again, my condolences on the loss of your mother.


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I have seen people do so many different things-one thing I think is really cool is to provide music (walkmans with books on tape or music) and/or snacks to your local oncology offices. My mom did this while she was going through chemo and it lightened everyone's day. She also always took a long list of of jokes to share with the nurses.

There are walks, opportunities to write letters to your Senators, etc. to raise money for LC research. See the events forum.

I understand your feeling of the need to do something too. PM me if you'd like....

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Hey Amy,

If you are interested in starting a fundraiser..you should check out the Lungevity site. Use your talents and do something that interests you. I think the first thing is to have a desire and you definately have that. Next, get a vision and don't let anything stop you from seeing it come to life.

Anything you do is worthwhile and good for awareness....

God Bless you on your journey!!


One would think Florida would be a great place for a walk.

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Many Prayers and Condolences to you and The family for your tragic Loss at this time. it hurts so much to see so much grief here at any one time. The only way to stop this is to get the story out. Advocate, Tell anyone that willl listen. Are you in FLorida? Rep Clay Shaw of Florida is a Huge advocate for LC research having been through I believe 2 Nodulee removals. You could also Drop a Private Message to Tina Mynatt who has started a foundation recently and I believe is wanting to branch out nationaally. I personally contacted my state Lung association and Local State Representative and am in the process of starting a state Lung Cancer Research License plate. we are in the marketing process now for a January Printing of these plates. this raises money for Lung Cancer education and Research. North Carolina Lung association has a very long history.

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Right now we are conducting a walk to raise lung cancer research dollars. You can help by going to the link and signing up and having people sponsor you or form a team-- see all the teams that have been formed by members here (we have people walking all over the United States). You can also help by just forwarding this link to everyone you know and asking them to contribute in memory of your mom.


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You are a wonderful person and daughter. Your loss is great and with such a small amount of adjustment time ... if any! I don't know how you can help or where you can go!. But I admire your encouraging energy and emotions to educate anyone who will listen. What ever your efforts do and where ever they take you, I commend you! You are a true example of how to take a bad situation and make it good and great.


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My deepest condolences on the loss of you mother. It happened so fast that I hope she did not suffer to much.

You can help by finding out what your community does for LC. There are walks that raise money for LUNGevity which is for research and the money raised goes to finding a cure.

I don't know where you are from, but there are walks in different cities. I think someone told you to check with the website LUNGevity to see if there is one near you.

You can also help by being here for support for your members and to help the newbies cope as they are so scared and words of encouragement always help.

Again, I am so sorry you lost your mom to this horrible disease but Iam so glad you want to do something to help.

We are always here for you. If you want to tell us about your mom and how you are feeling we have strong shoulders to lean on.

May peace be with you.

Maryanne :wink:

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