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Mom Update...It's Been A While


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Yes, I've still been lurking around...just haven't had much to say, really. It's been rough emotionally for other reasons than Mom and I've just had a case of the blues I couldn't shake. They're hanging around *persistant lil bugger* but I'm surviving.

As is Mom. Yup, still here and still chuggin' right along. She went and saw her rad. onc. last week to find out if they could do anything about the (what we assumed were) tumors on her neck that had started to cause her some significant pain. Enough she complained about it and she doesn't complain about pain often. He told her "Da*n Sue! You're lookin' good!" Mom told him, other than the neck, she felt good! He told her (no big surprise) that the lymph nodes on both sides of her neck were cancerous...but he's starting her on 10 double rounds (one to each side each visit) of radiation therapy to nuke those 'lil buggers. He told her that the worst she should experience from the treatment would be the "typical" sunburn type thing around the area treated.

So, we're still on smooth sailing mode...and waiting. I wish we could remember what it was like before all you thought was "WHEN is something else going to come up we have to deal with?"...but this is life and I'll take it. It IS life, afterall.

**As a side note...my husband and I went to the local watering hole last weekend for the first time in AGES and I wore my LCSC tshirt! LOL That drew a few looks...and gave me a grand 'ole chuckle!**

Much love and many prayers for all on here...you're the greatest!!!

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Thanks for the update, Missy. I've been thinking about you and Sue. She is such a fighter. Hope the radiation will do the trick on those tumors. Glad she is feeling pretty good. Sorry you are feeling down these days.. I think we all have those times. Hopefully,you can shake yours and enjoy your time with Mom. Keep us updated.

God Bless,


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Hi Missy,

Thanks for the update, I hope you are feeling better now. We are always here to help lift you up when you are feeling so down. We all go through that. Please know how much we care for you here.

As for your mom I hope they nuke them completely out!! She will feel so much better and feel more like herself again.

Missed you here. But understand why you have been absent. But I did see you post now and then to give support to those in need.

take care, keep us posted on your moms progress.

Maryanne :wink:

PS... I like your new picture, but its makes me think of winter as summer is now becomming a thing of the past here. :(

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