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November is around the corner ...


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Ok Folks,

November is around the corner and we need to act now if we want to see things happen during LCAM.

The easiest thing you can do is give money, sponsor someone in a walk, or WRITE letters. Here's some tips.

Write to your local news stations. You can go to their websites and start in the "health" section and work your way up to the news program director. Make it a good letter and emplore your station to do segments and features on Lung Cancer for lung cancer awareness month.

(Oct. is breast cancer awareness month and I will guarantee you every channel will be focused on that) SO LET'S GET THINGS STARTED so that lung cancer gets the coverage it deserves.

*I will be posting some letters that can be used and changed to suit your needs.

*Also, feature stories- if you have a good story, personalize your letter and maybe they will do a story on you! they did a story on a child that walked dogs and donated her $$ to LUNGevity and even a story like that raises awareness about LC.

*Also, check and see if your state recognized LCAM during November. I petitioned our governor last year to declare November LCAM, and you can too!

*Will your local grocer dedicate November lung cancer awareness month and ask every shopper if they would like to donate a dollar to LUNGevity? They do it for MDA and St. Jude...just maybe they will do it for us. Doesn't hurt to ask.

*Join the satellite walk! It's easy and it costs $25. You even get a t-shirt out of it. E-mail your fundraising link to everyone you've ever corresponded with, make a print out of your fundraising page and stick them door-to-door around your neighborhood, post it on bulletin boards and other public places. This is an easy thing to do!

Let's go folks! In honor of survivors and those we love battling this disease...in memory of all those we have lost...let's DO SOMETHING!!

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Dear Program Director,

As a dedicated viewer of your show, I am writing to remind you that November is lung cancer awareness month. It is your duty as news providers to make people aware of this epidemic and in doing so will bring to light that lung cancer isn’t a smokers disease, but one that affects us all.

The LUNGevity Foundation says, “By the end of 2006, 174,470 new cases of lung cancer will have been diagnosed, and an estimated 162,460 individuals will die of the disease. This equates to 445 deaths per day nationwide, or approximately 18 deaths per hour. In Illinois alone, 6,790 men and women are expected to die of lung cancer in 2006. This is 28 percent higher than the number expected to die from breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers combined.

Despite these alarming statistics, and the fact that most lung cancer patients are not even aware they have the disease until it has metastasized elsewhere in their bodies, lung cancer research funding per death is far lower than other cancers. For example, in 2004 $1,723 per death was spent on lung cancer research, compared with $13,953 for breast cancer, $10,318 for prostate cancer, and $4,618 for colorectal cancer.

The lack of national attention on lung cancer can be seen in another way. When the Nixon Administration declared “War on Cancer” in the 1970s, the five-year survival rate for a lung cancer survivor was 12 percent. Today it is only 15 percent.”

Please help me to make a difference in our community and during lung cancer awareness month.

My personal story is below. I hope you will read it. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

(add your story here)

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Katie One of my other crazy TV Coverage ideas and I already sent note to Larry King is a sit down between Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Perhaps an Activist like perhaps Laurie Fenton, Or Rep Clay Shaw of Fl. who is activist. Waiting on response but not holding my breath. Also working my License plate campaign. YEAHHHH! THanks for all this info and ideas. YOu Rock Katie.

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