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Hi....just found this site. I have NSCLC. I was diagnosed in Aug. of 2004. I had been complaining of pain in my shoulder blade for awhile and nothing showed up on x-ray. So, he had a CT scan done. Friday night at 5 pm he calls me at home and says "you have lung cancer"...as most (or probably) all of you know those are the most heart wrenching words anybody can hear. I had a needle biopsy that confirmed andiocarcinoma in my upper right lung. After having every test in the world (or so it seemed), I had surgery on October 20, 2004. My right upper lobe was removed along with parts of ribs that the cancer had eroded in to. I have a huge scar running all the way down my back and around to the front under my right breast. I guess I was doing okay for two days (I don't remember a thing), when they called my family to come in. My lung had collapsed and I had pneumonia. I was not doing well on ventilator I am told, so they eventually had to do a tracheostomy. I was in the ICU for 45 days and spent 2 weeks in rehab. My surgeon said he got it all and no need for chemo. I did not have a very good Onc., because no one from his office contacted me. What did I know about cancer? I just went by what my surgeon said. So, when I went for 6 month CT scan, it had mets to my adrenal gland. I now had stage IV. Had I gone to my Onc. I would probably had received chemo before it got that far. To make a long story short, I got a second Oncologist that is very well known in our area and he has taken excellent care of me. I had chemo once every 3 weeks for 6 cycles. This past July I had a PET and I am currently in remission. Thank God. I go back for another PET next month.

I like talking to others who have been through this, and help where I can, and get much needed advice when I need it. Take care and God bless you all.

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Welcome. Wow, you really had a rough post-op course! So glad you found us.

Can I ask where your tumor was in your right upper lobe? You mentioned having pain on your shoulder blade. Was it near the surface of the lung or was it up in the apex under your collar bone? Kasey above and I bothe had pain that sent us to the doctor, ours was because up in the apex of the lung nerves were being pressed on by the tumor.

Glad you are in remission now. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Hi Marianne,

Welcome here from one Maryanne to another.

Wow you certainly went through so much, I can't imagine being in ICU for 45 days. So glad that is well behind you and you are in remission :D

I hope the newbies read this as Chemo is so important if you are staged 1B and up. What an idiot you Onochologist was. I am so glad you found one that is more knowledgeable and certainly has helped you.

Again welcome and congrats on your good news.

Maryanne :wink:

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Welcome Marianne,

It sounds like you are on the right track now. I had stage IV and now like you I am cancer free. I say cancer free because I like the sound of it better than remission and I don't expect it to come back. There are a lot of friends heare for you to talk to. Keep us posted. Stay positive :lol:


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Wow... so many nice replys to my very first post here. I was told I would meet lots of nice people that would be so helpful and supportive.

When I have the extra time I will go back and read all the signature lines. Today I spent at the hospital with my husband who was getting radiation seed implants in his prostate. It has been a long day and we are both tuckered out. He is doing well right now thankfully.

To the two Michiganders who asked where I live in Michigan, I am in Southwest Lower Michigan, 10 miles from the great University of Notre Dame and the Indiana State border. Where in Mi do you both live? Maybe we are neighbors :)

Thanks to all for the very warm welcome......

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