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Howdy And A Quick Update

Frank Lamb

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Hello everyone.I wanted to take a couple minutes and catch up to speed with every one.

First of all I'd like all to know that I apoligize for not posting as often as usual although I have been reading and staying up with every one as best as possible.

I've been on a cathater since June 06th and combined with fighting lung cancer it has been a real trip.I had laser surgery on prostate last week and it hasn't worked well yet.Had the cathater removed 5 days ago and was back in ER getting it reinstalled again.Yesterday they said my bladder is screwed up from being on cathater so long that it is kinda like sleeping :twisted:.Now I am blessed to get sent home without cathater and I now have the joy of putting a cathater in myself 4 times a day :shock:.

This is to go on for about 4 or 5 weeks if I don't up and cut it off first :twisted: .

Anyhow that is my excuse for being lazy at posting.I apoligize for not greeting newcomers and supporting all the others here as often as I would like to.

As for the lung cancer I am scheduled for next ct scans next week with results the week after that.I promise to stay more up to date.

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Gad Frank,

I just hate that you have to go through this crap just for a whiz. Remember when it used to be so easy?

I've got my own drain problems, so I know it isn't fun. Different than yours, but still no fun.

Tests for me too, buddy.

Cuts down on how many cans o'beer ya drink, huh?

Don't you be cuttin' it off.

Cindi o'h

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Oh Frank, You don't have to apologise for anything, let alone not posting. I'd say you have had more then enough to keep you busy and away from the board. We're pretty good at keep this place up and running when you need to take a break and we're always here to offer you warm welcomes back when your feeling up to it.

I'm so sorry you had to go through all that roller-coaster ride with that darn cathater . I hope that starts to work out for you. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Also keeping good and positive vibes for a GREAT CHECK UP next week. I go for my CT Oct 2, so maybe we can party together with good news. :wink::D

Sending you Positive Vibes and Good Wishes.

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Hi Frank,

Not the post I wanted to read before I went to work. I just can't believe all you are enduring and going through.

I am sorry for all the uncertainly and pain you are experiencing.

I pray for good results on your CT.

I am praying for you and I want this thing to end as far as this catherer goes. It just doen's seem to end and now you have to administer it yourself. :shock: G-d bless you!!

Da*n this is so frustrating. My heart goes out to you big time.

I don't have to tell you to hang in there. You certainly are. You are such a fighter. I know you have not choice and we do what we must do to survive but I commend your endurance and committment.

You certainly do not have to appologize for not answering people's post as much as you use too. You just do what you have to do and take time to heal.

Sending mega prayers to you, my friend.


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Thanks for the update Frank, I've been wondering if you could wizz over the fence yet.

Crappy about the catheter still being in your life (and elsewhere!), I hope you can wake up that bladder before too much longer and don't have to cut anything off.

You've no reason to apologise for not posting, just be sure to let us know how your scans come out.

Good luck for the scans, keep thinking positive.


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well it sure is good to see you posting again

if it makes you feel better my dad has been using the catheter for 8 years now and it hasnt slowed him down

sure hope your plumbing gets running again real soon

like i tell my dad

you dont have to worry when you take a wizz

you get to choose which can be convinent sometimes

keep up the fight you inspire us

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Hey Buddy,

I was wondering about that da*# catheter when I didn't see an update after last Tuesday. Sorry Frank........you know I am. I am hoping (praying too) that there is healing taking place and you get some relief and SOON. I know you keep up your spirits, but maybe you'll allow us to hold your pork chop for a while to give you a break, huh?

Love ya, Frank. Us PA'ers are just too lovable, aren't we :wink: ?


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Wow Frank, I am rally sorry you have to deal with the catheter thing. I shuddered when I once told I may have to learn to install my catheter myself. Fortunately, my problem cleared up and I did not have to do it. I really, really hope you get your bladder working soon. I guess you have to take it off several times during the day to see if you can get your bladder to go. I never prayed as hard as when I tried to get my bladder working after the catheter came off.

I hope your prostate treatment shows good results soon and that your scans at least are stable.

Don M

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Please don't feel you must apologize for anything with us. Hey, after all, we are family. As for the cathater...geese! Talk about an all day job. Best of luck on the scans. Praying for stable and a bladder that works on its on. I'll try to find some good jokes to post.

Thinking of you Frank.


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