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My sister has had her 2nd chemo treatment and is in the process of her 3rd right now. I talked to her last night and she was really hoarse. To recap, she has lung cancer and it spread to her thyroid. Is this a normal thing..it has gradually gotten worse and the Doctor said it was because of the cancer. Also, how long before she starts to fell any side effect from chemo? I know it is different for everyone, and some don't have any problems, but is it too early to tell if she will not have any problems. Her first treatment was monday..yesterday her second and today is her third. She said she feels fine.

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this was how my wife knew something was wrong in the beginning. The Vocal Nerve actually goes from bottom of Lung UP to vocal Chords and passed by the Lung. Sometimes tumour pressure may be the cause of the problem. We always knew that when voice was good she was getting better. That is my personal experience.

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