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FYI: important- Bacteria in purses


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Subject: FW: Bacteria in Purses

This was forwarded to me and I was shocke that it is true.... this never would have entered my mind in a thousand years.




> You guys be sure and read this it is important.


> Share with anyone who carries a handbag (and don't let anyone put a

> purse on any table from which you eat from now on).


> Bacteria in Purses


> I am sending this message to all women in my address book. If the

> message comes to you, and you are a man in my address book, PLEASE relay

> this information to your wife (significant other, mother, sister, or any

> woman you know). This is factual, not a hoax email!


> Fox 5 news (Atlanta, GA) recently aired this report on a study they

> performed on women's purses. Their health team went to a local mall and

> took samples from the bottom of 50 women's purses. The purses were

> swabbed with cotton swabs along the entire bottom of the purses and

> placed into special containers. The swabs were then processed at a local

> labor atory.


> The Health Report also showed where women place their purses: public

> restrooms (on the floor beside the toilet), kitchen counters & kitchen

> tables, on tables & chairs in restaurants, etc.


> The results of the laboratory tests contained the following most serious

> result:


> 1 out of 4 purses has E COLI bacteria on it.


> Other extremely serious bacteria also were listed, including Hepatitis.


> They recommended that women should DAILY wipe their purses (particularly

> the bottom) with a disinfectant wipe and to be extremely careful where

> they put their purses. Most important, do NOT place your purse on a

> table from which you will eat or on a kitchen counter and do not put it

> anywhere close to a toilet.


> Remember, when you flush a toilet, the spray goes a distance that is

> unrecognizable by the human eye.

> WASH YOUR HANDS as often as you can! Keep an antibacterial hand

> sanitizer cleaner (no water needed) in your purse and use it often! And

> as soon as you get home from shopping (or wherever you have been and

> used your purse), immediately wipe it all over with a disinfectant wipe.


> Repeating, this is a factual report aired on Health News, Fox 5,

> Atlanta, GA., the validity of which has also been verified through

> "Snopes. com"

> (Internet authority). Please do your part for yourself and everyone

> else!



No virus found in this incoming message.

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