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Legit pic and chemo update


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Hi folks, heres a legit pic of me at our wedding in June 03. Sorry but I had to crop out wife due to size retraint. In the 3-4 months before the wedding I felt hike hell and was taking a buttload of asprins of all kinds to get through each workday. Had headaches and shortness of breath. Got some antibiotics from doc to no avail..

After wedding found lumpy lymph node on right collar bone. (myself) was then refered to ONC and you all know the rest. CAT. PET MRI.. Good news was no mets to major organs or brain.

So here I am, got dose 4 of taxol/carbo yesterday and dose 13 of radiation. Problem is the stupid radiation machine keeps breaking down and I cant ever get a full 5 dose week in. So this means Im going to run into extra doses of chemo until I get to the end of radiation.

Well dont feel to bad this morning except for the damned hiccups i get after every chemo. they gave me thorazine for this(you know the drug of choice for psycos) So I should be perfectly sane very soon. Well enough for now might try to get outside a little today as day after chemo is usually my best day.

God bless you all

Alan and Cindy

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I like this picture too! Although the original was funny, this one lets us know what you look like and makes it more personal. Just got married in June, well you had better work hard at over coming this disease!! May you celebrate your 50th !! Drugs are good when you need them, hiccups can be very uncomfortable and if you do them all day could really have an effect on your breathing ( they are spasms of the diaphram) Take care and keep us posted Donna G

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Like the pic. I have been trying to figure this out but at my age it is confusing to say the least. I am computer dumb.... I was on aol and knew how to attach a picture to Rick in the past and he put one on for me but after a while i decided I was going to change it so I deleted it and now i am with a new server and have no idea how it works. Oh well.....

The radiation machines do go down sometimes, I know from all the treatments my Buddy had, they went down twice. Those machines work hard all day so i guess they can go down sometimes....but of course when it goes down on us, that is a different story....it's for the pits..

Go on out today and enjoy. That is my motto. On the days Buddy is good we go out if only to sit on the porch, when not we are homebound...

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When my s/o was getting his radiation, they called us one day to cancel one of his radiation treatments, due to the machine breaking down, also another day we had to wait a long time due to the machine being broke down earlier that morning. Darrell also hated not getting his treatments!

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