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Update on mom


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Since I'm new to this, I don't know if this is the right board to post this info on. The doctor called my mom and told her the result of the adrenal biopsy was negative (1.2 cm nodule had a maximal SUV of 4.3 on the PET). It was a hard biopsy because of the location and the adrenal gland apparently influences blood pressure. After that one, the lung biopsy on Tuesday was a piece of cake - still waiting on result - but in the meantime, mom had shortness of breath and sure enough had slight collapse of the lung so is in the hospital to fix that. Will keep you posted and thanks for being there.

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While in the hospital for the collapse, we were able to meet with the doctor and he advised that the biopsy was positive - adenocarcinoma, stage I and he recommends surgery (laparoscopically) to remove right upper lobe with possible mediastinoscopy and then depending on pathology after and mediastinoscopy, possible chemo. Going from believing it was Stage IV based on the PET to Stage I based on the biopsies put me on cloud 9.

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That is wonderful news on the staging. As Katie said, surgery option sure makes "cure" easier and chemo isn't uncommon as a followup. I had a friend with a different kind of cancer who had surgery, but opted out of the chemo followup offer (hers came back); my dad had surgery for a different kind of cancer and took recommended radiation followup (that cancer didn't return on him) -- chemo or radiation options as a followup here is sound planning to catch and destroy those few cells that might remain after surgery (which doctors can't see no matter how clean the margins may appear to be). In my experience, of course.

Crossing everything for your mom to come out of this a-ok and no more shortness of breath issues!


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