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Grey's Anatomy is doing a story right now on a woman who never ever smoked and is having surgery for an aggressive form of lung cancer.

Just came on

she made a point of telling the doctors that she never smoked ANYTHING never ate sugar, and has lung cancer.


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Thanks Gail

I glad I logged on here as I love Grey's Anatomy, and I forgot it was tonight. Thanks to you I did not miss it. I only missed the first 10 minutes which I imagine was about the LC cancer as it did not see any to that.

But glad I was able to catch most of it.

Maryanne :wink:

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They actually had a stage IV nsclc case last season too. The man was a nut and asked Meredith to video-tape hateful messages to old girlfriends and family members because he thought he was going to die.

Dr. McSteamy (Addisons' boyfriend from New York) Called this lung cancer patient a "goner" just by reading his dx.

Turns out the surgery performed removed the entire mass and the lung cancer patient now had a very "good chance" of survival.

The man still insisted on sending the hateful video tapes to his relatives though!!

I am glad to see that they touched on the fact that a stage IV is not necessarily a death sentence and people DO have a chance to survive. AND touched on the fact last night that never smokers get LC too.

I'm proud of them, especially since this is my favorite show!

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