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I thought i would post article out of my MCMRC Newsletter. This as a hopeful reminder that there ARE survivors of this disease

Georgialy Morrow

I am a semi-retired mother of

four who was diagnosed over three

years ago with non-small cell lung

cancer. A referral to Baylor

University Medical Center resulted

in a biopsy followed by six weeks of

chemotherapy, radiation and

extensive surgery. Soon after, I

was referred to the Mary Crowley

Center by my surgeon and began

participating in clinical studies.

Four years later, I am now

disease free and have begun

volunteering my time at the

MCMRC clinic to meet with

patients and family members to give

my perspective of what it’s like

being in a research study and how

to survive all of the adventures that

come along with it.

It has been my experience that

cancer and the accompanying

medical issues involve a new and

frightening world to patients and

their loved ones. I’m so very

grateful for the support and caring

friends, family and staff that

accompanied me on my journey,

and I’d like to give back to relieve

anxiety and discomfort as best I


Georgialy is in the clinic on

Tuesdays from 9:00-12:30. If you

would like to contact Georgialy,

you can email her at:


or call the clinic at 214-370-1870.

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Thanks Katie. I need these stories to give my husband hope and the courage to fight and that there is a reason for turning his world upside down and that on the other side of all the pain and misery he could be disease free. It happens and I love to read these accounts because the statistics are downright frightening.


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I'm stage IIIA and 3.5 years out from surgery and radiation. I took Iressa for two months before having it stopped due to side effects. That's 3.5 years CANCER FREE!

Tell him it's a daily battle, some days the battle is to merely get out of bed and other days it's the monsters under the bed, but it IS possible to get through it all and get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Luck to you both!


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