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My Dad told me that what the hospital did on him this Monday is not LUNG CT Scan, it was just BRAIN CT Scan only. My Dad is going to have the head moulding tomorrow morning for PCI. The hospital didn't do any CT Scan and PET Scan for my Dad after diagnosis. Only X-ray. Both oncologist from governmental hospital & private clinic said there is no need to have the CT Scan, even CT scan tells not NED, they can do nothing to my Dad at this moment. The doctor from governmental hospital said my Dad's progress is excellent. There is only 1/10 of the orginal size shown on X-ray and said it may be scar tissue.

Is that true if in case not in NED situation, no more chemo could be done?

What should we do? My dad said he prefers to have the CT Scan after PCI finished, he agrees with those doctors and he said he doesn't want to know too much.... :cry:

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I am unsure what is the norm in Hong Kong. Here in the US a CT is fairly routine for cancer. A PET scan is also fairly routine after the treatment. I would question just a CXR. I had a CXR in Nov of 2000 for chest pain-no cancer showed up. In Feb. 2001 I had a cxr again and this time I had a CT right afterwards and I had several tumors in different ares. Only 3 mos difference. Please check with the Dr again and ask why they do this in the US and not where you are. Good luck

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