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Five years


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As of September 10th, it has been 5 years since my biopsy. Cancer returned in 2004 but I'm still here. One doctor thinks I healed myself. He tells me how lucky I am and it is like winning a billion dollar lottery.

I find that other peoples opinions (or nastiness) don't affect me as much as it did years ago. Whatever, I'm just trying to enjoy the rest of my life.

Have a new pound dog who is a a darling, chubby , beagle. He keeps me going.

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Kasey - my pound dog is an overweigh beagle named Buddy. He's over 6 years old . Someone turned him in because they couldn't keep him. His back legs are bad and if he tries to run , he falls over. That's probably why they got rid of him. Breaks my heart to think someone could be so mean. However, he has it good here and we'll take good care of him.

However, he discovered my quilt, took it mostly off my bed, wrapped himself in it and slept all night while I froze. He needs his own quilt.

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